Thursday, 27 January 2011

Psychic Feelings!

I think I missed my calling. I should have chosen a career as a detective (well maybe only if I could work with Det. Don Flack-love him, although he's normally the type of person I would think was good looking but wouldn't actually fancy him myself you know? But I totally do, anyway going off on a tangent here....). Trust me (and Don), you wouldn't want me looking for you for anything! I always get my guy it seems or in this case, my shoes. Time and time again I say perseverance pays off and most of the time it does, although I can recall a few occasions it hasn't recently!
As you know I've been religiously checking for the turquoise floral Simple Minds on the Office site. It's weird because I always get a feeling when I'm in my bed in the morning, that this is the day they'll be in stock. So I rush downstairs, switch on the computer and check. Each time I've had this feeling, I've been right to a certain degree. The turquoise pair are there...but out of stock (which means someone has only just bought them and they've not had time to take them off the site yet). This has happened to me 3 times now. Three frigging times! Of course I don't know what size(s) were available so it could've been a 3 or 8 for example, which would be of no use to me. After the third time, I had a sinking feeling that this was it now, I wouldn't get them. I mean, how many times would they get returns or happen to find one random pair? Websites like ASOS update stock throughout the day, but Office just seemed to do it each morning (while I was sleeping), which saved me checking every 20 minutes throughout the day I suppose. Something that day though, made me check again (I'm calling it the 'psychic shoe effect').
The P.S.E. was actually spot on, there they were....a size 6 (I'd have taken a 5 or 6). I was giddy to say the least! Not only that, but I had ordered the turquoise Bedroom Antics the week before and when they arrived, the 5 were too small, so I was also hoping to spot a bigger size of them (I'm not asking for much am I?). The Fairy Shoemother was shining on me though, they had a 6 in the colour I wanted too! Holy mother of shoes, how amazing? I didn't bother to look at anything else, I just rushed to checkout and of course my computer crashed, so I had to restart and go through the process again! I only just had enough in my bank for both pairs and shipping too! I don't quite think I'll believe it until I see it, especially after the Irregular Choice debacle, but I did receive a dispatch email today listing both pairs, so I'm pretty excited.
I love that feeling of relief that you don't have to check every day for that item. Although I also feel a little lost, like what have I not done today? As it becomes such a routine. I have to admit though, I usually replace the successful item with a new thing to look for, so I do have several bookmarked items to check for at any one time! The new one now is the beach dress from Primark. Due at the 'end of January' (hello, now), it's vital I spot it the minute it lands instore before someone else snatches my size! I decided to go on PBDW (Primark Beach Dress Watch) today, but no success. There were quite a few new things, but not that. I noticed a few sizes of it on ebay last night which sparked my 'have to go now' attitude and fear that it may be in other stores and not in mine. So I need you all to be on PBDW and let me know if you spot it in your store. Thanks deputies! I still haven't taken pics of the jewellery I bought in there last week and I spent a small fortune on more today, so I'll try and get that done this week.


  1. omg if i don't manage to track down this primark dress i will probably cry - it is so lovely!!
    want to email me what size you need and if i find it at the weekend i could get u one?! it must have hit the manchester store since tue as the ebay ones are on there from manc..

  2. Hey lovely- I was in Sheffield Meadowhall today and they had had theirs delivered frst thing this morning. Managed to get one in my size AND resist the temptation to buy the skirt version too! I think they have been delivered to most of the larger stores yesterday and today in prep for the weekend.

    xxx Maddie

  3. Emailed : )

    Hi Maddie, OMG, there's a skirt version? Holy crapolla. I'm now considering another visit to Dundee tomorrow incase they got theirs in today. This is what I was worried about, people managing to buy them over the weekend. Oh man!

  4. Got the Primark dress today! There were quite a few by the door so they won't be there for long!

  5. They have loads in my Primark in Southampton now. Im not a fan of the skirt though, the dress brings it together but the skirt is a bit uck!

  6. Got mine too and it doesn't fit-the diet has started now!

    Glad you all got yours-thanks for updating the post with info of where to get them!


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