Sunday, 16 January 2011

Help Me Out!

So, I've had a little dilemma this week. Remember the Pure courts from ASOS I'd been lusting after? Well I finally purchased them a couple of weeks ago. I thought I preferred the tan, for a little bit of a change and due to the fact they'd been reduced to £24 while the black were £36 (I didn't have much money, so that swung it for me in the end). I ordered the 6 and they eventually arrived (I have a Premier account, but still can't get next or nominated day delivery due to the backlog from the bad weather in November-a battle I've been fighting all week). Anyway, they were too big. So I decided I would send them back, but in the meantime I got a 10% off code (to be used by the 20th), so I thought I'd be better re-ordering the shoes with an extra 10% off and returning the originals for a refund. Yes, £2.40 really matters to me just now!
I changed my mind about the colour again and thought I wanted the black instead (as you do), the tan were just a little darker than I expected (although true to what they look like on the website right enough). So I haven't yet returned the shoes. Then both pairs were reduced to £24, so that made it easy, I'd get the black size 5's. However I then received a £15 gift voucher to use at ASOS. I considered getting both pairs (2x£24=£48-10%=£43.20-£15=£28.20) so that would make a super bargain as it's just a little over what I paid for one pair. I thought that it was maybe a little extreme though considering I have no money and one pair would only cost £6.60, so that seemed like the logical route. The voucher didn't come through until late at night, so I decided I would sleep on it and order in the morning (there were still plenty of all sizes in both colours), plus there were Curve sales clothes that were out of stock, that I was hoping would be in stock when I decided to order the shoes.
Imagine my extreme pissed off-ness the next day when I check the site and the sale price had increased; black £38 and tan £36! The black had only been reduced to £24 for a day, absolutely ridiculous! I know they said it was 'the last few days of the sale', but honestly who raises sale prices? It's old season stock, you just don't do that.
So now what do I do? My options are:
* to return the shoes and get a full refund-I'm so pissed with ASOS right now this seems like a good option (although it may be cutting off my nose to spite my face considering I actually like the shoes, but it's the principle of the thing!). Plus I wouldn't get to use my 10% off and £15...the voucher will keep but the code will run out...
*to return the shoes for an exchange and I'm guessing it would have to be in the tan considering the price difference (so it's not really my 1st choice) and would they let me exchange something I bought at £24 that's now £36? Well, they'll have to, it's not my fault the price increased is it? I have no idea how it would work if I asked for the black...they'd ask to charge me more I would think. Means I don't get to use my 10% or £15 on this transaction though.
*return the shoes for a refund and reorder the correct size/colour with the 10% off and £15 (black £19.20, tan £17.40), good prices but I grudge paying it when I know I could've had them for £6.60!
*much like the first option, return the shoes for a refund and leave repurchasing for now. Hope they once again reduce them to £24, there's still lots left so it is possible they'll want rid of them but when will that be? My 10% off will certainly run out before then. What to do, what to do?

I have to add I've been extremely disappointed with ASOS over the past few months. I have been a customer of theirs right since the website launched and have always praised them, especially their customer service which I considered to be the best around. Since this whole weather debacle though, they can't commit to replying to emails in time, Premier customers are paying for a service they can't use and their standards have really slipped, which makes me sad. I can't believe how a bout of severe weather can totally damage a companies reputation. Anyway, help me out, what do you think? Had any purchases annoyingly reduced or increased yourself?


  1. I feel the same about asos premier, paying for nothing really! And all the items in my saved items say price has increased since saving, think it's to do with v.a.t as well? xx

  2. It's so annoying isn't it? I've been fighting with them all week in emails about the waste of money renewing my Premier and I hate seeing all those 'price has increased' bits in my basket : (

  3. Oh yeah that's so weird what Asos do with the prices! They're seriously the only webshop that I've seen doing that!

    Till then is the code valid? I'd probably send them back for a re-fund and then wait till the last moment the code is valid to see if the price will drop again. But as Asos have been so shit with the premier they should give you a 20% off voucher anyway, lousy Asos. I haven't ordered from them in ages, they just don't seem to have anything I like...

    I ordered the Charli clogs btw! It was a totally panic-buy lol!
    I decided to get the natural colour, but that I'd get them at the end of the month when I'd have some more obviously the stalking had begun ;) but then a day later I went to check and they weren't on the site at all anymore!! I was totally pissed off because they're a colour from SS10 so you can't get them anywhere...but then I noticed they were still sitting in my basket from the day before so I just ordered them expecting to receieve a email that they didn't have them...but then I received a mail that said they were shipped! Happy times!! I'm quite curious though...seems weird to me, so I won't believe it till I have them on my feet haha
    They were total shit at helping me with sizing though...argh I hate stupid American sizing conversions! I ended up ordering a 7 like I always do in American shoes...just hope they don't send me a 37 like it says in their conversion chart. Although their email did say the shoes had American sizes on the soles so if that's true I'll be alright :)

    Good luck with making up your mind about the shoes!

  4. If money is really tight and you aren't entirely sold on the tan, send them back for a refund.

    It's a shame their customer service is so shoddy nowadays. I hardly ever shop with them myself but I don't tend to hear complaints from others.

  5. I've noticed strange things about Asos prices as well. Those 'price has increased' bits in my saved list, so annoying!! I have taken advantage once or twice from those 'one day reduced prices' cases, but it doesn't compensate for increasing sales prices!!

  6. It's so strange that this price issue seems to not be happenning on the french asos website (the one I use) !! :/
    I'd go for a refund, too.

    BTW Princess :), have you ever considered ordering from ?

  7. I think that if i were you, i'd return them and leave it and monitor to see if the prices go down a bit?
    They haven't been as good recently as they used to be..

  8. I say get a complete refund and save the gift card for when something really good comes up, discount codes come up all the time for asos so that one's not so big a deal I think. :)

  9. What did you do in the end? I'm after the Tan colour in a size 6, so if you still have them but don't want them I would buy them off you! : )


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