Monday, 17 January 2011

Inspiretty #11

Last night after the damp squid that was Dancing On Ice (actually quite glad I missed it the week before and doubt I'll be tuning in again), I watched Bad Boys II and it was fab (not that it's the first time I've seen it). I know boys dig that movie because it's all about the cars and chases and guns, but I like a little action too and I love Will Smith to bits so would watch anything he's in. In fact he is my ideal man! He's so funny that I just look at him and laugh, he's confident and a little cocky but not arrogant, he's a family man and a bit like Brad Pitt in the Ocean films, he's that much hotter in both Bad Boys flicks (why is that?). I normally said 'awwwww' rather than 'oooooh' when I saw him but that all changed with those films. I would be so disappointed if I found out he was an arrogant twat in real life! On a sidenote the TV seems to be full of his films just now, I watched I Am Legend (for the first time), Shark Tale and Independence Day over Christmas.

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