Wednesday, 5 January 2011

On The Search For...

I need your help ladies. I'm desperately seeking these turquoise floral Simple Minds platforms by Office. They sold out on the website, even before they went into the sale at £55. They have since been further reduced to £35 and I'm checking the site every day with no luck. My Mum checked in Edinburgh for me, but they only had size 7 in the black and I'm hoping to check the Dundee store soon. I'm looking for either a size 5 or 6 and definitely the turquoise. Please let me know if you find them! Thank you x


  1. i love these :(
    they only had them in a 3 in the store in the bullring last week!

  2. I can't be of any help I'm afraid :(

    However I did spot on another blog that the S/S Matalan collection has a similar pair (they might be missing the straps but don't quote me on that) but with a cream background for about £16 or so. Might be an alternative if you can't track these down?


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