Tuesday, 18 January 2011

My 1st Shopping Trip Of The Year!

I went shopping in Dundee today, it was really nice to get out. The shops were a little disappointing though. It's kind of that odd in between seasons period and there's not even any decent sale stuff left. I had a list of items I was struggling to find online, but didn't manage to get anything on the list.
I was looking for this Beth Ditto polka dot dress in Evans, but I don't think they even stock that collection. Such a shame as it's now reduced to £20 (I hadn't been prepared to pay £60 for it) and totally out of stock online.
River Island was pretty crap, nothing I liked from the new ranges (yet) and I didn't even bother to look at sale clothes as their 18's probably don't fit me anyway. The sale accessories were much the same as what's left online and I didn't see any sale handbags. I did manage to avoid buying a couple of pairs of cute shoes, these lace peep toes now £20 and a pair of weird half sided, strappy electric blue wedges (£30). I have some willpower, yay for me! As for sale jewellery, there was nothing. I even spotted a ring I knew was reduced to £4 online and the entire row still had £14.99 tags on them! No House of Holland 'Eiffel Tower' or 'Big Ben' tights which I'm looking for in the sale either-I managed to get the Statue of Liberty pair online last month but wanted the others.
Topshop was much the same, hardly any sale stuff left. Sale jewellery was the same as online, just the rubbish left. I was looking for the bunny ears ring (full price) as I didn't want to pay shipping for it online (and it keeps selling out), but they didn't have it. I didn't fancy any of the full price stuff even if it did fit and I had the money...just nothing grabbing me, not even shoes.
Next stop Office and the search for the turquoise floral platforms! I asked a pleasant assistant and apparently they never even had them full price (I thought they had at one point but must be mistaken), I was told "Edinburgh and Glasgow" get more styles (already checked there though). I guess that's the case for Evans, Topshop etc too which is ridiculous because Dundee is a big enough city to get decent stock if you ask me!! So I'm still stalking the site (and ebay) each day, but no luck so far. I was pretty sneaky and ordered these turquoise Bedroom Antics this morning.
I've always wanted them and they were sold out online, then they got one pair in my size last week and I didn't have enough in my account for them, so had to spend the day watching them go : ( I didn't expect them to get more, but was lucky they did. I would have bought the pink if they had them, although seeing them in the shop today, the colour was a little more faded than I expected, so I'm glad I got the teal. There's an extra 10% off sale items online for a limited time too, so they were £3 cheaper than instore. I also got free delivery (as I did with my last order) not sure if you have to spend a certain amount or buy more than one item, because it was charging me £3.50 until I added the McQueen-esque 'Tilted Tips' for £10.80. So I got them too, as technically if I paid shipping, they only cost £7.30-didn't really need them, but for that price I couldn't say "no". Ok, forget that thing about willpower!
Look magazine made me panic last week when they featured 'the beach dress' in the 'new in shops this week' section (above). It was supposedly due in the end of January and that must be right, because there's no sign of it anywhere or anything remotely spring-like to be honest. Although I'm beginning to think Dundee won't get it...hope they do though. I did get some jewellery which I'll photograph later this week and a new coat. It's made from the horse print that I loved on that playsuit and jumpsuit last summer! So exciting. I also spotted a lot of size 6's-have Primark always done them? Also exciting news for me, a size 20 in a floral coat. I would love it if Primark started doing 20's as often my boobs are too big for their 18 dresses, that little bit extra would make all the difference. The floral coat was particularly small made though and the 20 didn't button over my bust whereas the horse one I got in an 18 does-I didn't see any other 20's although wasn't really looking. Oh and they eventually reduced all that crushed velvet crap nobody bought that I've been complaining about for months!

I then popped into New Look where I haven't been for ages, to look for a black and white, polka dot, peter pan collar dress I saw somewhere. They did have it, two size 14's-grrrr. I ended up leaving the shop in a strop because there were oodles of 10's in everything I liked and no bigger sizes. I really, really want this first dress below. Such beautiful fabric. I think a 16 was the largest, they do have an 18 online but I'm unsure if it'll fit me. There's tonnes of stuff I wanted in the shop actually (including this Limited Edition dress below) but I wasn't sure they'd fit and couldn't be bothered waiting to try them on. I also think I'm in Primark mode with the prices, I really can't afford to spend £30 each time on a dress. Maybe if I can save...although by then they'll be gone I'm sure. I wouldn't mind about the sizing issues if it weren't for the fact New Look have a plus size range, funnily enough called 'Inspire' (which does anything but) and none of the cute 'regular range' stuff is made in these larger sizes! Inspire is filled with what I call stereotypical 'fat clothes' (jeans and massive floaty tops and t-shirts) they need an overhaul (New Look give me a call and I'll help you revamp!).
Finally Boots for some goodies, I'll tell you all about that later in the week though. I missed a parcel (from Irregular Choice I think) while I was out. I returned my No Pain, All Gain boots I got before Christmas (from Branch 309 for £85) and (re) purchased them in the IC sale reduced to £60. Even although I had to pay for returns (it cost under £6 for 1st class recorded) it was worth it for saving £25. I only posted the boots back yesterday and they've dealt with the refund already (that's service for you). I also returned the ASOS shoes (for a refund) and a ring I got from Miss Selfridge (they sent the wrong size, but it's now sold out). Phew!


  1. That New Look dress is stunning!! I may have to haunt my local store till it's in stock.

  2. I have the Peter pan collar dress from New Look, so flattering! Primark are doing lots of their new stuff in a 20 :)

  3. i have got the beach scene dress and the new look print dress on my shopping list for this weekend, but i'm not sure i'll find either in the stores yet :S

    and i had those bedroom antics for xmas - i love them although i haven't worn them out the house yet !:)


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