Monday, 31 January 2011

Kandee Shoes SS11

Boo, it's Monday! What would brighten your day? A massive peek at the new Kandee shoes I hear you say! Your wish is my command! Tres excited that I have a package of 4 new pairs arriving from Kandee this week, question is, where to put them all? Didn't think of that when I bought them, did I? New styles should be arriving in March, watch this space...
Squeal! What I wouldn't give for 5 minutes alone in that room with a large bag and a lazy security guard! Look the other way dude!
Below, from the Diet Cola collection.
Adore the platform shape, right up my street! Must have these..wonder what other colours they'll come in?
Two different pairs of Kandee at the same time? That's just greedy, factory girl! Think I need 5 minutes alone in this factory too though!
I'm going to sulk forever more that I missed out on the blue Dragee stud sandals, the white isn't quite melting my heart like the powder blue, although the design is still amazing.
Candy coloured stripes is exactly what you'd expect from Kandee, no? Plus a manageable chunky heel, platform and some perspex thrown in for good measure, love it!
I live in heels, but if you don't, there's some bright striped flats for summer...
...and a high heeled version for me! Definitely prefer the lime/pink combo to the uber bright green/orange.
And in bootie form? Oh Josh you're spoiling us! Absolutely adore these, need them now!
Did you manage to snag the Peanut boots last season? No? Well how about the Peanut Crunchy sandal? Very nice, I likey!
Gold 'Roche' spiked sandals...nope, still sulking!
Then, new for Spring/Summer, 'rhinestones' (gasp) or as my gorgeous Uni pal used to say "ken, like diamantes eh' (works better when you hear me taking the piss out of her accent). You all know I'm partial to more than a bit of sparkle so I'm salivating at the next lot of images...
Factory girl, what did I tell ya? Hand those babies over right now!
I think this next pair are my favourite sparklies...loving the combination of colours.
Freakin' awesome!
(like those subdued two-tone courts in the background too)
Did I save the best 'til last?

all images courtesy of Josh Wayman/Kandee, some styles shown are prototypes/samples and may not be available exactly as shown.


  1. ooh i like those yellow / blue bootie style strap ones..but i am just not entirely sure about the perspex part :S

  2. kANDEE Shoes are amazing! I have been eying quite a few pairs for while now and I am so sad they sold out in my size. I love those gold studded ones and I like them in white too. I also love the rhinestones ones!!

    ps lucky you for having 4 pairs coming your way!

  3. my heart's breaking since I know these will never be in Prague. bloody lovely!

  4. Thanks to you my shoe-wishlist is growing longer and longer ;) !

  5. Char-they're so cute aren't they? I actually like myself a little bit of see through shoes! I know some people really dislike them though.

    StyleMeBad-they're just so great to look at with those pretty colours aren't they? No idea where all these new pairs are going to hide-think i need to cull the shoe collection yet again!

    MsVeve-oh, I do hope they'll branch out internationally soon. I'm always here to help if you ever desperately need me to pick up pair and send them on to you.

    shoeloving-heehee, glad I could help or is that hinder?

  6. Amazing !

    I love shoes too :)

  7. i love the diamond sparkly ones-do they have them to buy?? love ur site/blog too just came across it on lie-think its fab :) xx

  8. They are great to look at but the service is incredibly poor and i didnt recieve my shoes until after a month of purchasing. They had faulty zips and tassles and they will not refund me. Said they will send me another pair as a gift of inconvenience but still havnt! Still chasing them and really stressed!
    Not happy at all!

  9. bad quality !!! Made in China shoes not worth more than 50$

  10. Kandee is an awful company. They treat their customers like dirt, ignoring laws as they go along and then refuse to answer emails.


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