Monday, 17 January 2011

Would You?

I don't have £95 to spend on something like this and even if I did it would be unlikely that I would commit to splashing out on this type of garment. Don't get me wrong, I think it's absolutely stunning and the detail (and work) of the beading is exquisite, so it's probably 'worth' that amount of money. It's just how often would I wear an embellished jacket? Not enough to justify £95 to be honest and especially if you live by the 'cost per wear' rule. I'm always drawn to them though and love the idea of a simple outfit, even jeans or trousers with a vest and this thrown over the top for that laid-back glamour look. The colours in this are especially beautiful too. If you reckon you would wear this to death, then pop over to Miss Selfridge (available in S, M, L), there's free delivery on all orders over £40 for a limited time too, just enter the code SS11TREAT.


  1. i have i think three (!!) sequin jackets, and working on the cost per wear rule, t hey haven't been worth it!! I love this, and always think "wouldn't it be lovely over a plain top / jeans combo" but then i have to remind myself that i havent' worn a pair of jeans in over 5yrs, and quite frankly, over a floral dress etc, the effect will be a little OTT.
    So sorry, sequin jacket, you are staying in the store :(

  2. I just worry about what happens when the beads start falling off and you know that they will!

  3. I agree on the cost per wear, I don't think you'd get £95 worth out of it. Maybe you could check some thrift stores?

  4. Oh no no no I wouldn't wear something like that ever :P I also don't like garments (especially tops) that I can't wash properly. Not for me this one!

  5. Hello! I love your blog but haven't commented because I can't ever see the word verification, it comes up as a red cross, but I've just tried commenting and suddenly it appeared!!!!! I found your blog in October/November maybe, when I did a google search on 'that lace-collared Pearl Lowe dress', which I saw too late in a magazine to buy!(and never did manage to find it! Anyway, I always look forward to what you will be saying!
    I really like this jacket, but I agree with the shedding beads comments! I wanted to create a similar idea, the vest top, jeans and pretty top with a floaty kimony style top from Reiss which I found in a Notting Hill 2nd hand shop, so I agree with 'Hooked on shoes''s comment!

  6. oh wow, I love it. But I think it's too expensive.


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