Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Boots Haul (Models Own, 17, Myface, Max Factor)

This is my pre-Christmas Boots haul. I ordered online as I couldn't get out to the shops, but was forced to select store pickup as my delivery 'option' because they wouldn't deliver anywhere in Scotland at that stage-'annoying' doesn't cover it! My sister placed an order a few days after me and was allowed home delivery and received her order about a week before I got mine-eugh!
So I took these photos in my new little studio-some aren't that great, however, I took these very late at night, with no natural light (something that would have proved impossible without the studio and lights), so that's pretty cool. I'll probably swatch and review most things at a later date anyway.

Models Own: my first purchase from the brand, can you believe it? I've wanted to purchase from them for ages! I picked up Mushroom nail polish, a similar shade to Barry M Dusky Mauve, that greyed purple tone (no shimmer in this one though). I also got Nude lipstick-cute colour, although I've heard a lot of negative reviews for their lipsticks, so I'll have to see how it performs.
FREE: Nail varnish in Juicy Jules, multi coloured sparkles, ooh-ee! Free with any 2 purchases.
17: I've been after this lipstick for ages, it's called New Black (Lasting Fix). It's a gorgeous colour, a bloodied plum which isn't quite as in your face as my other dark colours. It's looks stunning when it's applied lightly and blotted. I also picked up Claret Lip Liner to qualify for the free gift. I'm actually not that keen on the colour, a deepish pink-I was hoping it would be really dark purple/plum but the swatches are craptastic on the website.
FREE: (Spend £6 on 17) Beautiful Glam Rocks eye palette, I'm hoping the colours don't just have a shimmery overlay, but maybe they do. Cute shades though, really nice palette, love this gift!
Max Factor: They always do really nice GWP's but I never find anything interesting to buy to qualify for it! They've added a lot of cool stuff lately though, so I got a couple of their Max Effect mini nail polishes (one for Mum which isn't photographed here) and 20 Silver for me (a dark charcoal pewter, sparkly). I also really wanted to try their Xperience Weightless Foundation after hearing about it at their open day recently. I got 40 Light Ivory the lightest shade and it seems a pretty perfect match for my pale complexion. I've only tried this once and I do like it, it's just I've been blown away with Estee Lauder Double Wear recently, so nothing compares to that. It's great for a natural look though, you don't feel like you're wearing anything and you don't look like you are (but it still evens skin-tone, covers blemishes etc reasonably well), it feels more like a moisturiser than makeup.
FREE: Christmas Party Treats Bag (spend £15). The bag is tacky as hell, but the stuff inside is pretty good. Mini Masterpiece Mascara (Max Black), Nailfinity in Ruby Fruit (a gorgeous blood wine which I'm desperate to try), 15ml Lasting Performance Foundation in Natural Beige (which will probably be too dark for me), a sachet of Xperience Foundation 050 Beige Linen (again will be too dark, but I already have the full size, so it doesn't matter), the cutest little black kohl eye pencil I've ever seen (and will be impossible to sharpen because it's so short I'm sure), Vibrant Curve Effect lipgloss in Majeste and a £3 voucher for the Xperience collection (thinking of trying the lipstick next). A pretty decent set for spending £15!
Myface: The Dundee Boots just recently started stocking this line and I'd previously swatched a few things with the view to purchasing. The whole range is split into fair, medium and dark and there are lip products, foundations, powder, blush etc within each section, suited for your skin colour. Then there's the 'Bling Bar' which is eyeshadows and nail polish (for anyone), seriously metallic and sparkly! I tried the Mymatch powder in Fair 01 instore and it's the softest, most lightweight powder I've ever tried, so that was a definite purchase for me. I was going to buy the concealer but it was sold out, so I ended up getting a lipgloss (within the fair range) called Glamorous. To be honest I was spoilt for choice with the lip shades, but played it safe with a nude as I couldn't quite remember which shades I'd liked instore.
FREE: Box of Bling with £15 spend (offer still available). Includes full sizes of One Hit Wonder lipgloss in Diamonds & Pearls and matching Lil' Bling Chrome nail polish (which I'm wearing currently, seriously chrome-ness), plus High Def Eye Pencil in Black and a voucher for £3.50 off Mymix foundation which I'm wanting to try anyway.
So this is what I purchased
and here's the freebies
Not a bad lot I'd say! Plus I found a code for £5 off my order, which was an extra bonus!


  1. =0 I've heard great stuff about that new max factor foundation. I don't usually wear foundations but I was tempted by this, can we expect a review from you?

    Love J.

  2. Definitely will review it, hopefully soon!

  3. I'll look forawrd to a review, I'm currently desperately searching a new foundation, as I hate the DReam Matte mousse i'm using up at the moment, but I don't know what to try! :L

  4. So how did the Models Own Nude lippie score?

    1. Crap! It smelt 'off' VERY quickly, so I've never been able to use it.


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