Monday, 3 January 2011

Inspiretty #1

This is hopefully going to be a new feature on the blog, 'Inspiretty' which is a combination of inspire and pretty in the most crap example of portmanteau ever seen! Give me a break though, it was difficult to create a word that didn't sound like 'perspiration'! I want to write a quick post, hopefully daily of something positive and inspiring or just anything I find beautiful that day. It could be a real photo, cute jewellery, a good looking guy, pretty makeup, hot shoes, absolutely anything! Today had to start with a shoe (of course) and this beautiful design on my daily calendar-absolutely drop dead gorgeous from Giuseppe Zanotti Design (2009). Like the idea? Think I should be banished from writing for my rubbish word creation though?

Oh and fyi The Shoe Girl Diaries are back!


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