Friday, 7 January 2011

Brand Focus: Lancome, An Introduction

This month on the blog, it's going to be Lancome month! It's a new 'brand focus' type feature that I'd like to try out. You can expect lots of reviews, news and bits and bobs over the next few weeks and although I won't be exclusively blogging about the brand, the emphasis will be on them. I have a couple of product reviews lined up, I'd like to look back at older Limited Edition products and collections, plus there will be a super fantabulous swatch fest of all my Lancome lip products (that's a lot).
I've chosen Lancome this month, because they're genuinely one of my all-time favourite beauty brands. I've been a fan of their products for all of my makeup wearing life in fact! At school, my friends would envy my perfectly flicked eyes (courtesy of the must have ArtLiner) and working after school in my local chemist on the perfume/makeup counter (where we sold Lancome) I was able to get my hands on all the latest releases and try out luxury skincare items (probably where my expensive tastes originated from)!
Many of their products have become classics or staples for me over the years, but I most look forward to their limited edition, seasonal collections. If you've followed this blog, you're bound to have seen some of those hauls over the years. Their latest launch is Ultra Lavande by Aaron De Mey (on counters this weekend) and I'm so, so excited about this-it looks absolutely gorgeous. Enjoy!

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