Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Mini Primark Haul

You may remember me mentioning that I bought a new pair of leggings in Primark the other week for £3. I'm pretty fussy when it comes to leggings-probably because I wear them all the time so expect a lot from them. My old pair were in a tired old state, so I thought at £3 I couldn't really go wrong trying this pair out. Turns out they're great! I tend to buy them 1 or 2 sizes smaller than usual because I like them slim in the leg. This pair sit nicely at the hem, tapering in, rather than sticking out like some do and I love that they are reasonably high waisted. I feel so uncomfortable in hipster leggings as I'm constantly pulling them up, plus they are just the perfect length. So anyway, I went back to get another pair last week seeing as I love them so much. Primark do have a lot of choice when it comes to leggings and in varying thicknesses and fabrics, so I suppose it's whatever you feel more comfortable in.

I seemed to be picking up 'essentials' that day because I needed another one of their fabulous seam free vests in black (to wear underneath dresses) as my other two have seen better days. I also got a pair of 'stirrup' leggings. You may have noticed on The Shoe Girl Diaries that I previously DIY'd my own from a pair of ski pant style leggings from Primark. They sit halfway down your foot, rather than at the ankle and this pair just have a little hole in the back to stick your heel out. I'm pleased they've eventually got round to making them, because again my own pair were getting pretty knackered. Other than that, there really wasn't much else that caught my eye. The dresses hadn't been updated, still old summer stock. I did get these little bits of jewellery. An owl brooch, dragonfly hairclip and silver bird ring.

I did try on a gorgeous blue lace trench coat which I spotted another girl trying on (the cream version). Let's just say, it looked a million times better on her than it did on me! It felt too big in the sleeves and shoulders, but I was struggling to fasten it over my bust. It was one of these coats that looked stupid unbuttoned though and I didn't like the cheap coloured lining which would've been on show had I left it unfastened. It was very pretty from the back though. Oh and I spotted a gorgeous sleeveless bird print jumpsuit (I think it was dark blue or black with branches and little birds). Seeing as my Mum wouldn't even let me try the horse print playsuit last time, I figured a longer length trouser would maybe be more appealing. She still wasn't convinced I could wear trousers with (I quote) "a bum like yours"!! Thanks Ma! I said I would just try it and see, but the biggest size was a 12 which prompted another gem from her "Doesn't that tell you something? If they only make it up to a 12, it's because it's not suitable for anyone bigger." She's lucky she's my mother, because if anyone else had said that to me, I'd have hit them...hard!!


  1. wow, you got some lush things! my primark never have anything i see on blogs! :( haha xxx

  2. I love the bird ring !!
    Have been lucky enough to go to a few larger primarks recently, as my local one really sucks..
    I love the sound of the bird playsuit though - i have the horse one and actually love it - so much that it's the reason i started wearing trousers again after 6yrs! :)

  3. My primark is semi decent, doesn't get everything but occasionally good.

    The horse playsuit probably would've been too short for me, but I haven't seen the long version in my local yet-I really want this!

  4. i wanted the lace trench in cream/ivory but they didn't have my size so i didn't bother, but now two weeks later I feel like I NEED it in my life..I'd settle for the navy blue one even!
    It's one of those items that is a standout piece, but I've only ever seen it in Primark.

  5. persephone, it was really pretty. Shame it didn't suit me though : (


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