Thursday, 16 September 2010

Mo Money Mo Heel

These are the other Irregular Choice pair of boots that found their way into my possession last week. Visit The Shoe Girl Diaries for the two pairs that didn't fit! Now, I know the Long Lashes, Longer Lashes etc and this version Mo Money Mo Heel (love the name!) boots all tend to be really popular, but I've had mixed feelings about them. At first I thought they were clumpy and ugly and couldn't understand their popularity. Then over the seasons with new fabrics, they've sort of grown on me. Then the floral version this summer, really stood out (I can't resist florals).
I managed to find the only pair left (which happened to be my size) and figured they probably wouldn't fit, but because they were such a good price, I may as well try. Unfortunately it wasn't the floral version,but the little polka dots are still cute. Although I sometimes favour 'hard' looking shoes, this pair combine a baggy, slouchy leg, masculine trims with the buckles and straps and a clumpy platform wedge, so there really isn't anything girly about them at all. So with that, I'm still not 100% convinced I suit them and I don't love them yet...but there's just something about them that I am slightly fascinated by. Perhaps it's the fact that I know nobody else around here would ever dare wear them. They're certainly not for the faint hearted with a 2 1/4" platform and 6" heel-they make me look like a giant, I'm literally head and shoulders above everyone else! My Mum is stressing already about me walking in them incase I fall...I definitely reckon I'll practise first! What do you think? Do you like them, are they 'me', would you wear them? Now, I just have to find room for the massive box they came in!


  1. Oh crumbs. I have my heart set on a pair of the tweedy Long Lashes boots (going to the IC shop in London on Saturday to try them on!) but I didn't realise the wedge was so flipping high. Ach, I sense I might be doomed to disappointment :(

  2. As you know I am a GREAT fan of big fat ugly shoes, hence the "slight" Jeffrey Campbell obsession (which is totally out of hand lol)...I like the version of these without open toes (would that be long lashes? I think it was), especially in the tweed (good choice there Alex! :)).
    I have a "thing" against shoes that can't decide what they are, and thus become impractical...why does a boot that looks like a winterboot have open toes?
    Anyway...that being said, I really do like the look/shape of them...all the versions actually. They're just kick-ass! And I think they suit you, you wear so many differant types of shoes that you can pull anything off easy!

  3. Personally I think they are way too chunky to be beautiful and I would never ever buy them myself, but considering the rest of your shoe collection, I do think you can pull them off.
    That said, I agree with Marlein, very impractical with that open toe combined with a very heavy boot.

  4. Alex-I'm not totally sure if the LL boots have exactly the same height as these (probably my fault for comparing them-I just find they have a similar shape sort of). MMMH are essentially Gabes Girl or Chica but in boot form and they look huge in comparison to LL. I was actually pretty shocked at just how high the heel is. According to the IC website LL are either 9.5cm or 10.5cm which is around 4"-much more manageable : )

    Rai-thank you!

    Marlein-'slight' JC obsession, cough cough!! I'm going to reply on facebook soon-sorry...

    HOS-Yeah I've always felt quite comfortable with peep toe boots (I know i'm in the minority)-although these are pushing the boundary at both ends being so open toed and so wintery! I suppose it'll show off my pedicure even in winter!!


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