Thursday, 2 September 2010

Dainty Doll

One of my biggest makeup gripes is the lack of variety in foundation shades for very light or dark skinned women, especially on the high-street. I'm extremely pale and usually opt for the lightest shade and more times than not it is still too dark. It equally angers me when I check out a new foundation and see one 'dark' shade or sometimes none at all. I think it's completely ignorant to assume that anyone darker than a medium, olive skin will all fall under the same shade-it's ridiculous and something that really needs fixed. I did see an advert for the new Skin Revive Foundation by Sleek which is currently available in 17 shades, with many deep colours from burnt orange to dark brown, mahogany and an almost black brown. Unfortunately I don't have access to Sleek here, so can't comment on the shade selection first hand but from the images on their website, they certainly look promising, plus there are 12 new colours launching soon. I didn't actually realise you could purchase through their website-I should maybe check it out seeing as the Superdrug stores here don't carry it, although I prefer getting to test it out hands-on first!
On the other end of the spectrum though you may be aware of Nicola Roberts Dainty Doll range which caters for those of us with very pale skin. The project was originally a collaboration with Jelly Pong Pong but is now produced by Original Additions (the brand behind Eyelure). I bought the foundation and lipgloss the first time round and received a blusher as a gift. The range has just relaunched with all new products and although they have changed, I wanted to briefly recap on my previous experience with the brand. For the moment this range is available at Harrods (online too) and will be stocked at ASOS later in the month.
I'll start with the foundation today and swatch the blusher and lipgloss tomorrow. If I remember correctly this wasn't the lightest shade (for once) and was called Ivory. I have a love-hate relationship with this. Sometimes it gives me a flawless look and other times, it can settle into lines and pores and look chalky or flaky. It has a strange consistency which I've become used to (although never found anything else like it), it's not really a mousse or a cream-something in between. For the precise colour match though it's just amazing-I never realised how dark my other foundations were until I tried this. If anything it's ever so slightly paler than my face, but it blends beautifully and completely disappears. I find myself going back to this foundation time and time again purely because of the shade match rather than the formula.
My problem when using it though, is that my concealer and powder (No7 02 Extra Fair and L'Oreal Infallible Powder 15 Porcelain) both the lightest possible shades, are too dark. I really should have purchased the Dainty Doll concealer previously, although a powder wasn't available back then. I thought they had included a powder in this new collection but it turns out it's Loose Mineral Powder Foundation. I'm hoping with this that an additional powder won't be necessary and that the formula is superior to the previous edition.
So I'm expecting big things from this range-no pressure! I haven't mentioned the fact that the boxes are completely adorable, although that shouldn't really sway your opinion! The collection now includes lipsticks (my major weakness), I want them all but especially 004 Material World-hot! There's clear lipgloss, blush (lovely colours), a skincare product called Wonderbalm which is a moisturising balm that can be used anywhere, eyeshadow (004 Copacabana looks luscious) and eyeshadow base, mascara, eye pencil and a click pen concealer/highlighter. Prices start at £10.


  1. I think this range looks really good! Id I ever embrace my inner pale I'll give it a go! xx

  2. I used to fake tan then realised I still looked pasty, so just went for it tan-free and I'm now a blueish white!

  3. thanks for the review on the dainty doll range it has helped me make up my mind to try it, as I too was fed up with not being able to find a pale enough foundation. I just tried to order the material world lipstick cause that is my favourite too but it's out of stock. Gutted!


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