Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Swatches: Lancome Color Fever Shine Lipstick

I had so much fun swatching my Lancome Juicy Tubes a couple of weeks ago that I decided to continue with my Color Fever Shine lipsticks. I've swatched them before, a long time ago and I've added a couple to my collection since then I think, so it was worth doing again. I'll try and do my regular CF lipsticks next.
The Shine lipsticks vary in finish (glitter or non) although regardless of this, they are all pretty sheer whilst staying true to the colour in the tube. I must say I tend to prefer the darker or brighter colours that I wouldn't wear in regular lipstick form, because the colour is still bright but not opaque here. The nudes that I would usually opt for are a little too glittery or frosty looking in the CF Shines and I prefer that type of colour without the sparkle. The absolute killer was trying to capture the fantastic iridescent glitter in 004, it just wasn't going to happen. I tried it outside, indoors, in direct light, darkness, everything and it wouldn't work. It's the only swatch that isn't accurate and it's unfortunate because it's so spectacular in person.
004 Ray Of Pink Light-this was limited edition and you'll notice the packaging differs (pearl sides instead of pink perspex). It's a white stick infused with iridescent glitter and on the lips it's basically clear with loads of multi-coloured glitter and can be used to add a sparkling finish to other lipsticks.
202 Dazzling Mocha-is a pale peachy nude with gold shimmer.
208 Tasty Beige-is a warm, lightish brown with a terracotta tone and contains shimmer.
318 Fuchsia Euphoria-incredibly bright, hot pink with no shimmer. Looks scary in the tube, but is so pretty on.
330 Fuschia De Nova-another LE item, a deep purple in the tube that actually swatches very similar to 318-it also has no glitter but is slightly duller and darker.
Boiling Point-this is a US shade in gwp packaging, the UK equivalent is perhaps 314 Prune Flush (but don't quote me on that), a deep plummy brown that really suits it's sheer quality.
Another failed attempt at capturing the shimmer in 004 : (


  1. Hey! I love these lipsticks! I have 318 and the limited edition A ray of pink light, what my blogs named after! I don't know if i'd wear the other colours but I love love the colour of fushia euphoria on my lips :) great post xxx


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