Monday, 20 September 2010

Pearl Lowe At Peacocks Is Out!

Thanks for your messages regarding the Pearl Lowe at Peacocks collection-appearing on the site a day early. Being the stalker that I am, I check the website a zillion times a day anyway, so had noticed that it was 'live' on Saturday morning. I added 100 of each item I wanted to my basket (as you do), just to check the stock and stupidly thought that I would just leave them and buy on Sunday. One dress only had 6 items left, but I figured it would still be there (and it was). Others however weren't! I'm such an idiot I should have just bought them at the time, except I didn't have any money so was borrowing from my sister and she wasn't around on Saturday.

I missed out on the star piece-the lace collar, pleated dress, below. Hopefully they'll restock at some point (I could check in the Dundee store tomorrow), it'll maybe seem like less of a blowout if I split the order anyway (even if it means 2 delivery charges). The other item I was swithering with was the black button up tea dress. It was showing as out of stock if you clicked on it, but if you used the quick pop up window to purchase it was working. However the dress completely disappeared on Sunday.
I did buy the floral shirt dress £30, leopard shift dress £35 (not sure if this will look right on me) and chiffon frill dress £35. So I'm happy with them for now!
Please note that they've stuffed up the image on one of the dresses. Two images are shown as this (below left), but the 'printed smock dress £30' is the correct one to click on if you want to buy this. The other is 'polo neck dress £25' and is the plain dress as shown below right-hope this helps. Did you get anything? Pics to follow, when my order arrives.


  1. Hiya,
    I've just checked and the lace collar dress seems to be back in stock? Its letting me add abd get to checkout anyway. I ordered mine on Saturday morning as I just happened to check. Such a lovely dress but overall, I don't think the collection is as good as the last one. Love your blog, BTW xo

  2. The lace collar dress was back in stock today as I managed to order it myself this morning :)

    Great blog

  3. Thanks ladies! Wasn't sure whether to wait until the plain black one reappeared-seems silly paying 3 lots of shipping. However I just ordered the lace collar one yesterday, didn't want it to sell out again!

  4. whoo hoo i ordered the leopard print dress and the black lace collar dress and got notification that they have been dispatched today!! hurrah! Wish i had ordered the blue chiffon one too though... might go an dinvestigate my local store this weekend... i think its a great collection, am excited about the christmas range already!! x x x

  5. I just love that dress. Is it true to size? I found a couple on ebay.

  6. Hi, I love your style and your blogs. I visit the blogs always for inspiration. I am looking for a flat version for every high heel shoe you have or feature :)
    I have a question about the pleated black Pearl Lowe dress with lace collar: does it have some stretch or if the fit is generous. I am 5'3" and 177 pounds and I wonder if a size 18 will work for me.

  7. Hello, glad you like the blog. the dress is very generous, but there's no stretch to it. I find my size 18 big and I'm an 18/20 usually.

  8. Thank you very much for answering me. Please keep posting great outfits for the fashion challenged people like me; we need a starting point LOL


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