Monday, 13 September 2010

Haul + Swatches: MAC Fabulous Feline

MAC's Fabulous Feline collection is split into 3 sub categories based on a colour theme. I expected Leopard Luxe to be my favourite but actually found it all a little too glitzy gold so didn't buy anything from it. There were several lipglasses that caught my eye from the collections, but lately I've gone back to being very much a 'lipstick girl' so passed on them too.
From Palace Pedigreed, I got Of Royalty (cremesheen) which is a bright milkshake pink. Cremesheen are my favourite formula, so I wanted to add this to my collection. My camera however hates it as you can see from the differing shades it picked up. I already had to reshoot the images I took last week, because I didn't think they were good enough and I was still struggling today (I think it must be the start of the Scottish 1 hour of daylight season!). Aristo-Cat was a little bit of a different choice for me from usual. It's a pretty purpley grape colour and is a frost which I don't usually like. It is at the subtle end of the frost scale though and actually suits the shimmer.
I also decided to get a dark shade, either Cunning or Kittenish, you'd have thought I'd go for the latter which is also a cremesheen but from swatches and reviews I decided Cunning would suit me better. I already wore this the other day, it is a lovely deep burgundy without being too scary dark. It is a high maintenance shade though, I found myself having to reapply often throughout the day.
Finally, from Burmese Beauty I got the gorgeous To Pamper which is a greyish, dirty mink. Now this is more what I expected my Pro Longwear Lipcreme to look like. I have a strange fascination with greyish lip colours...they kinda make me look like a corpse, yet I still covet them!
The first image below is probably most representative of the true colour of these lipsticks.
Swatches are shown with and without flash.

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