Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Review: Rimmel Lash Accelerator

I was really pleased to see a parcel arrive from Rimmel last week, because I was hoping it would contain their latest mascara. It did! It launches today, so it's been quite exciting getting to try it out beforehand. Lash Accelerator not only works as a mascara should (instantly making lashes appear 80% longer), but it contains Grow-Lash Complex which nourishes with every application to renew and strengthen and over 30 days lashes can appear up to 117% (very precise) longer. This is the latest trend in mascaras-to provide a lash treatment within the product (a much less fickle trend than coloured wands and comb brushes!) and I'm pleased that wearing mascara is actually 'good' for our lashes because (minus my Mum) there isn't a woman I know that doesn't wear it.
I'm also happy to see that Zooey Deschanel is the new spokesperson for the brand. Although I haven't seen any of her films, I love her style and she is perfect to front this campaign as she always has such luscious lashes. I also reckon I'm the perfect participant for this little trial, because I own pretty short and sparse lashes. So over the next 30 days, I will be wearing this mascara and reporting on how it's working for me. I have a few posts to start with documenting my results over the past few days. I'll begin with my initial thoughts and first application!
Now you know I don't like big brushes-this wand is particularly slim and the small but curved brush does an excellent job of reaching tiny lower lashes and getting into the corners.
The mascara itself is quite wet, so be careful not to blink (and smudge) during application, although it dries quickly. I found it lengthened, but I would like to see more volume from it (or is it too much to ask for a bit of everything?). It separated well and didn't clump, I didn't need to comb through after one coat shown here.
I'll be eager to see how this will work when I'm wearing eyeshadow and liner-I had no makeup on here. Will there be enough definition against darker or more colourful eye makeup?


  1. Ooh the mascara looks lovely! Quite excited by this, Though I am a sucker for bigger brushes like bad lash mascara. Also you absolutely HAVE to see 500 days of summer! Its a brilliant film, for the fashion alone!

  2. Thanks Steph-I think because I have quite small eyes, I find big brushes difficult to use, because I can't get near my lashes without poking my eye!

  3. I saw this yday and kinda ignored it! But it loks quite exciting now I know more about it! Woo! New follower btw your blog is lush! This is a bit random but...are you Scottish?? I think I might have seen you before lol! xxx

  4. Thank you Nic-yep it's pretty cool, I have more pics coming tomorrow!

    Yeeeees, I am Scottish...I've been spotted! How freaky, me being part hermit as well! Haha, where was it, was it recently?

  5. Ok this is sooo weird! You're gonna think I'm stalking you! A week or two ago I was in the St Andrews doctors clinic and I noticed you....bright pink hair! 50s pinup make up and Vivienne Westwood shoes! Yes I had serious shoe envy....I went to Schmooz on South St just to look at the beauties!

    Then today I randomly clicked on your blog from a blogroll and thought "that's that girl I saw"!!! If you didn't have such distinctive style I wouldn't have remembered you! :-) So you live in The Drew?? xxxx

  6. Haha, yep that's me! So freaky! I was getting really frustrated that day because the doctor kept me waiting and I was getting all hot and flustered!

    I was walking past Schmooz the other day and totally forgot they sold VW shoes-although I probably would've been tempted to buy my 5th pair, so it's just as well i didnt go in!!


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