Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Review: Cosmopolitan Powder Brush

I was recently sent the Perfect Finish Powder Brush to review from the Cosmopolitan range. Although I was aware of the brands products, I hadn't tried any before. I haven't been feeling up to wearing a full face of makeup every day lately, but the few times I have I've used this brush.
On first inspection, it seems quite girly with the pink writing and the white handle means it stands out from the rest of my brushes. It looks practical, although it's a pity the packet it comes in isn't a little more substantial as I would imagine it would suffer wear and tear easily. It does reseal though which is good if you are carrying it in your handbag.
It's got a nice weight to it, not too heavy or too light and a full head of natural hair. Upon use, I haven't experienced a single bit of shedding (although I would expect some when it comes to cleaning it perhaps). I used it with both loose and pressed powder and it doesn't pick up too much product like some brushes-it just seemed right to me. I wouldn't say it's absolutely the softest brush I've ever used on my skin, but it's certainly not scratchy.
Overall it's a decent brush and the price (£5.95) is around 5 times cheaper than other brands. You can find the brush along with other Cosmopolitan beauty accessories at Superdrug, Tesco and Debenhams.

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