Friday, 3 September 2010

Swatches: Dainty Doll

Here are the other two Dainty Doll products I own. The Plumping Gloss in Hibiscus, I hated. I don't like the scent, the colour is too terracotta for me, the gloss was thin and it made my lips look thinner rather plump. I tried it out once and haven't used it since! Hopefully the lip products in the new range are better-they certainly look lovely. The colour is more realistic in the 2nd swatch image shown at the bottom of the post.
The Blush & Contour in Bloom is much nicer. A very soft powder split into two, one side is a pretty petal pink colour and the contour is plummy brown with gold sparkles. Sometimes I use these to contour separately (pink on the fleshy part of your cheeks and suck in to apply the brown) and other times I swirl the colours together. As I said yesterday I'm really looking forward to trying the new products-have any of you popped into Harrods and seen them for yourself? It's a shame that my only option is to buy online.

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