Friday, 24 September 2010

Video: Pearl Lowe Peacocks Lace Collar Dress

Ok, final final installment of the Pearl Lowe dresses, because my last one just arrived. First impressions, it's very heavy (very, very heavy). Has a horizontal pleated section around the waist, side zip and some black fabric buttons at the back neck. The crochet sleeves and collar really stand out against the black but it's nice that the skirt section is pleated for added interest. I've heard some people say it looks a bit like a nun or maids outfit, which made me laugh. I suppose it is kinda maid-ish, but it's totally cute so who cares? I've tried it on and it's lovely. It sits below my knee so again there's no need for leggings, some people may find the length a little awkward (I'm 5ft 5 1/2" FYI), but below knee/mid calf is so totally 'in' right now! It'll look great on it's own or with tights. If anything it's a little loose around my middle but not enough to warrant going down a size. I'm really pleased with this one, it's a definite keeper!


  1. Amy O'callaghan25 September 2010 at 12:29

    i bought this dress it came the other day and ive now sent it back. the dress is lovely in theory and very well made but i found it to be really unflattering. the waist sat too low and wasnt form fitting but like you said wasnt big enough to go down a size and also i found the pleats made my hips looks alot bigger than they are which is never a good thing. i was gutted cause id waited so long for this dress and i think the length of it is lovely, oh well i suppose i have £35 to burn now x

  2. Yeah I'm so disappointed that after the excitement and anticipation of this collection it actually turned out to be quite a let down : (

    Hopefully the Xmas range will be better.


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