Thursday, 23 September 2010

Parcel Day!

My Pearl Lowe for Peacocks order has arrived. The lace collar dress should be here tomorrow, but here are my initial thoughts on the others. I haven't had the chance to try them on yet and my camera is playing up in this horrible weather we're getting today. So instead, I thought I'd take a short video of each dress, just to give you an idea. I'll probably have to upload them in separate posts as blogger takes absolutely ages to upload any video. My Irregular Choice shoes are here too, three new pairs-although they sent me the wrong colour but more about that later (quick pic below-gorgeous huh?).
Ok, forget everything I've just said-I've been trying to upload the videos for the past 4-5 hours and keep getting a friggin' error message, so I'll just have to try another day, grrrr! You'll have to make-do with the crappy pics, sorry girlies!

The first is the leopard print shift. It's stiff cotton/elastane and is fully lined which I wasn't expecting. Little puff sleeves with fabric covered button fastenings and a centre back zip. The corsage is detachable (brooch back). This is really neat, it hits just on my knee, so would look better with tights or bare legs (no leggings). It is tight across my bust though so I'm swithering with whether or not to send it back. I know my boobs are really squished in it, it's just whether or not others would notice and whether I can breathe!
The floral shirt dress doesn't feel nice at all, it's polyester, but the type that goes hard when washed/wet and is 'hand wash only' (grrr). It's noisy and hard without being stiff, if you know what I mean? The print is nice, it looks shorter than the other two, buttons up the front and I like that it has long sleeves. Ok, so I tried it on and look terrible in it. It harks back to my hated school days when I was forced to wear a shirt and tie and despised every second of it. I just don't suit stuff up around my neck! I obviously wore it with a few buttons undone, but it still looked naff. The big downer is that the sleeves are terrible on me-too big and it just makes me look twice the size I am. A definite return for this one and my first disappointment from the Pearl Lowe collection which has worked so well for me in the past.
Finally the chiffon frill dress-one of my original favourites and I couldn't get any images of it, so you'll have to make-do with my description (I'll try and photograph it in better light tomorrow). The colour totally wasn't what I expected-I know it says 'purple' but I was expecting blue like I see on my computer screen. I've also seen a video of this dress and it looked blue there too. Anyhow it doesn't matter because it's a lovely shade, the fabric is beautiful and hangs so well. It has a side zip and a few studs down the front collar section (do they still put old fashioned studs on things these days?) and a satin slip underneath. Tried it on and....I look like a minister! No joke-it's full blown 'hand me a baby and let me baptise it, hallelujah, praise the Lord' style!!! What's wrong with me? Can I not wear sleeves? It looks like a tent on me (although it does skim my curves in places) but the sleeves are too big again and the collar isn't doing anything for me-I'm really disappointed with this one.

I'm now thinking that maybe the plain black button dress that disappeared from the site won't suit me either (when/if it becomes available again) has sleeves! I'm always looking for dresses with sleeves as well, who knew I looked so daft in them though? I'm thinking that the dress that's due to arrive tomorrow will look ok, because it is more similar to styles from previous collections. I'm so disappointed at being disappointed-after all the anticipation of waiting for them and the stress of buying them and now I'm probably not going to keep any of them-one very unhappy bunny here : (


  1. Awww dear! I feel your pain, it seems whenever I order anything online it's a disappointment :( hopefully the dress tomorrow will look lovely! Love your blog by the way, and the shoe girl one too :)

  2. ah that's so sad none of the dresses lived up to your expectations! That sometimes can happen when you've totally hyped something in your mind :( I really hope the black dress is everything you hoped for! It was the only one I liked from the collection.
    I'm also on the look-out for dresses with sleeves, hopefully there will be lots this autumn/winter. And then particularly ones that don't close up high, I can't wear stuff that close up high either...the curse of the big boobies haha ;)

    I ordered JC shoes yesterday! Hooray! But not the Denmark because I found out the Ice colour will be coming out at the end of October, not September so I figured I could get another order in while I waited hehe...I had canceled my pre-order for the 99 Tie because I tooooooooootally fell in love with the Bjork boot! They look so nice for winter :) I was waiting for them to come into stock on solestruck, but last night I suddenly saw them on Karmaloop and I ordered them immediately! Karmaloop is my best friend lol...they always have awesome discount codes so I managed to get about $45 off :D and I've never paid customs when ordering with them so I'm crossing my fingers!
    Solestruck still hasn't shipped the Lita...grrrrr...they were meant to go by the 20th but the date has now been pushed to the 25th...better go by then! I think I've waited loooooooooong enough! 3 months now....

  3. Thanks Dani and thanks for commenting!


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