Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Pearl Lowe Peacocks Daisy Dress

I wish I had more hands, because I really need to be doing 6 things at once just now. I have so many posts that I need to catch up on and images that need editing and I'm going out tomorrow so probably won't get much done. My MAC order has just arrived, so I've been busy taking photos of that and I still have more to come on the Rimmel Lash Accelerator (sorry for neglecting it). I mentioned recently that I bought another two Pearl Lowe for Peacocks dresses. I seem to have misplaced where I stored the images of the first dress but here is the other.As I said back then, I popped into my nearest Peacocks to return something and spotted a PL t-shirt in the sale section. I hadn't realised they stocked this collection, so after I made my return I popped over for the quickest of looks and spotted the blue daisy hem sticking out amongst the other clothes. How freaky that it was the only one and in my size! I grabbed it pronto because I had been looking for it online once it went into the sale but it sold out. Very lucky indeed. I think half my wardrobe must consist of Pearl Lowe dresses now!I really must commend the Peacocks staff and I've said this before, because they are so friendly and really go that extra mile to help you out. I'm probably still going to buy my PL online just because I know they stock the full collection, but if you would prefer to see it first in person the stores can call around other ones and ask for whatever you're looking for, if they don't have it in your size or don't stock it. Finally the latest collection that I told you about last month, will be available from the 19th Sept (a Sunday, bit strange?), the date has been pushed wanty now please!

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