Friday, 17 September 2010

Irregular Choice Order

Just borrowed money from my mum to purchase these goodies from Irregular Choice's spring/summer collection. Letsbuyshoes have come up trumps for me lately with lots of new additions to their site-plus you get to earn points with every purchase-bonus!! All these pairs were reduced to £39.50 each. I still have my eye on more, but better wait for now!

Heart 'Making Moves'. I think I'm going to return my paint splatter pair to Schuh if I like these better.
Floral 'Kim Oh No'. I love the 'Whitney' style so a floral version is a no-brainer. Was sorely tempted with the blue polka dots too!
Blue 'Bambino'. I know I had to modify the strap/button hole on my pink pair, so I shouldn't really be purchasing another pair that aren't perfect-but I love that the blue has a floral heel too (the pink are suede).


  1. I have the floral Kim Oh No shoes too they're awesome & soooooo comfy!! I love the soft cushiony insoles :o) I do tower above people when i wear them though i'm 6ft tall when i have them on :o)

  2. Oh i'm so glad you pointed this out, I was a little disappointed about the fact that letsbuyshoes have lost my details, and no longer do the points scheme (I had well over 1000 and had never spent any :( ) but i will be buying at least five pairs from here as soon as i can afford to lol ;)


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