Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Extreme Exclusive:Pearl Lowe Peacocks Lace Dress!

Ok, so I got mega, mega excited when I spotted this in Look magazine yesterday. In their section on what's just landed instore on the high-street, they featured this lace dress from Peacocks. Now being the geek that I am when it comes to Peacocks stock and more specifically Pearl Lowe, I knew this had to be from the Christmas PL collection. You may remember I said there would a lace dress similar to the one Daisy wore in the video I posted last month?
This must be it! It looks similar and has a Pearl Lowe price point. I absolutely adore it-if this doesn't suit me, I'll freak. The bad and good news is it's not instore right now-but you've not missed it. Look just got it a little wrong, but it will be available later in the year. As you can see in the full article it does feature the polo neck dress and suit jacket from PL, which are available now in this latest collection, but hold on for this Xmas range, it's obviously going to blow your vintage socks off! I can't wait!!

P.S. the black empire button dress is now available online for those that missed it-I can't decide whether or not to get it? Based on my previous experience with this collection, I'm worried I don't suit sleeves in general now! It's gorgeous though. A little pissed that they started the 10% off and free delivery after me spending £135 last week and in addition 2 delivery charges! Grrrr.


  1. Oh, I adore that dress! I so wish it were in my price range :c

  2. I just got the button front dress today. It's a very flattering shape and good fit (on me) but the material does feel a bit cheapy. Plus the skirt really needs a lining. However I tried it with the slip from the floral chiffon dress from last season's PL and it works a treat!

  3. Oops, didn't mean to sound conceited in the previous post- I meant to say it's a flattering for those of us without Daisy Lowe's figure! It is short though. It needs a slip or leggings.

  4. Yup. I did the same double take when I saw the dress as it's top of my list when it comes in. I immediately went to the Peacock's website to check! Also annoyed about the 10% thing! Arrrrgh!

  5. Rai-isn't it gorgeous? Looks like it will be well made, worth saving for.

    PFB-No I didn't take it that way at all-I get what you mean! Yeah the pics of it on Daisy show it extremely short!! I just bought a couple of new slips recently actually, as I didn't like the one with the floral dress (it didn't sit properly under the dress at the neckline and really didn't fit me well), so I took it out and with my new one it looks much better. I also needed a pale coloured one for under the cream spotty dress from the summer collection as it was very clingy and see through.

    weeblackcat-yeah I'm still sulking about the 10% and the fact that the stock went so quickly but the customers that didn't rush can now get any style with discount and free shipping. Even if I am sending a couple of the dresses back, it's still annoying because I would've saved around £15.


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