Wednesday, 22 September 2010

I Want This...

For anyone that's followed this blog over the past year, you'll be well aware of my animal jewellery obsession. Rings especially, have the tendency to make my heart beat faster and my legs start to jiggle! So it's without surprise that these adorable bunny rings are top of my wishlist right now. I have to say though, that although I'm obsessed, I won't just buy any animal themed trinket...I do still have opinions on whether or not I like it (just typed 'tit' there by accident-oh dear!). Anything scary looking (especially around the eyes) or tacky (ok, I admit I do border on tacky at times), will not make it into my vast collection.
These rings however, are more than fabulous. Their chunky, little faces are just the cutest things. Look at their little noses-I can practically see them twitching. They just have so much personality, that I would probably (sadly) name them! I just have to decide which colour I like more...I was once only ever a silver girl, but now the majority of my jewellery is gold. Available in small or large £25 each from Me & Zena.

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  1. Very cute! I like the silver one the most! :)


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