Sunday, 28 March 2010

Review: No7 Mascara

I often think it's difficult to make a decision about which mascara to purchase when you don't know what it looks like inside the tube. Nowadays more ad campaigns are showing the shape and feel of the brush-mainly due to the fact that brushes are changing and mascara is becoming a little bit more exciting. Personally I feel that the actual product is the least important part of what makes a good mascara. I tend to rate the brush first (Diorshow I hate you), application second (get into the roots and wiggle lots) and the liquid last. I own almost every No7 mascara in some form (mostly gwp's), so have decided to review them for you. I don't seem to have Lash 360 although I'd be surprised if I haven't received it in a gwp at some point, however it wasn't in my mascara bag earlier today. *UPDATE*: I found 2 gwp Lash 360's in my room-I knew they would be hiding somewhere! I haven't tried this one before, so will be keen to see the results. Full size No7 mascara retail for £10.50/£11.50. I'm going to describe the brushes in detail today and I'll try and review them in more depth throughout the following weeks. Off the top of my head, my favourite is Lift & Curve, which is discontinued ("if it ain't broke, don't fix it" springs to mind), Dream Lash is also quite good. My least favourite is the new Extravagant Lashes with cumbersome brush-total nightmare to apply and the finished result isn't even worth the hassle.

Lash 360: Quite a large unruly looking bristle brush. Apparently made up from different coloured (pink and white) brush fibres and tapered with the aim to add 360 degree volume to every lash.Extravagant Lashes (new formula): Really chunky tube with flexible (supposedly pink) boxy brush. It's made from rubbery plastic and in between each 'disc' are apparently very small bristles (designed to grip lashes whilst the discs coat them in mascara). The formula is very 'wet' which combined with the large brush can make even application very difficult.
Extravagant Lashes (old formula): A much slimmer tube which contains a 'real' bristle brush with a white mascara on one end and black on the other. The white is applied first and the black adheres to this. This mascara adds volume by building fibres upon your lashes, these wispy fibres are visible on the brush straight out of the tube-so you can really see how it works.
Extreme Length: Comes in a curved bronze tube and features a neon green plastic wand. The brush is much slimmer and it's perfect to apply to the corners and smaller lashes. The bristles are plastic and combined with the formula, it's easy to build without clumping.
Full Impact: Now discontinued, in a gold tube with spiral shaped bristle brush. Quite a narrow brush and glossy 'wet' mascara designed to give a false lash effect.
Lift & Curve: In silver tube, discontinued (nooo), does what it says (lifts and holds the curl). Very similar packaging to Full Impact, a slim spiral bristle brush.
Intense Volume: A much fuller head on this bristle brush which narrows to a point (to reach smaller/corner lashes). This is designed to seperate (hence the wide spacing between bristles) and curl lashes.
Stay Perfect: A similar shaped brush to Intense Volume, but on a much slimmer scale. A really thick, bushy head, quite a dry formula, supposed to be long-lasting.
Dream Lash: Black tube, silver lid and bright blue wand. A little more sparse than Stay perfect and in plastic, this does have a similar shape though. Buildable, non-clogging formula.

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  1. thanks for sharing... i have only used 2 No 7 mascara before, and stay perfect is my favourite when i just started to put makeup on. lol


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