Friday, 26 March 2010

Discount Code/Haul Dorothy Perkins & Matalan

I've been waiting until pay-day to buy some more Irregular Choice shoes. Before I did so this morning, I checked my emails and found a 25% off code for Dorothy Perkins. I haven't been on the site for a while and found waaaay too many dresses I liked. I managed to whittle it down to 4. I also picked up some necklaces for my Mums birthday. The code is DPVIPD for 25% off everything (sale items included) and is valid now until 4th April. Free standard delivery on all orders over £75 (no code).
Here's what I took out of my basket
And this is what I got:
Spotty Collar Dress £35
Floral Tiered Dress £30
Ivory 50's Cotton Sundress £32
Black 50's Cotton Sundress £32
I also popped onto the Matalan website, because I quite liked the spotty dress that featured in their ads and brochure recently. I was in Matalan this week and they didn't have it and the website had sold out. Today though, they added a floral version (I really have to stop with this floral obsession) and they also had the polka dot one in my size (£16 each). I also got this Be Beau dress £22 and qualified for free delivery (orders over £40, automatically deducted at checkout).
I can't believe I've chosen clothes over shoes-it rarely happens! I actually needed to save some money for the Liberty of London MAC collection next month as there is tonnes I want from it. I'm selling some stuff on ebay this weekend, so hopefully I'll get money from that. I hate saying it but, the shoes will have to wait for now, eeek!


  1. Love the black 50's dress most! Good choice :)

    I actually did choose to spend some money on IC today, but they're totally giving me grief! :S wrote about it on the IC forum...pretty stressed now haha

    Finally got to get Making Moves heart print, yay! Can't wait to see them in "person" :D...just the 1 pair as I'd already ordered a dress by Darling...fabulous brand, not so fabulous price tags when you've not got a lot of money to spend. Don't know if this link will work properly:

    Have a nice day! :)

  2. Hi Marlein, oh no-I could just imagine the stress! That Darling dress is beautiful, I love the pony print. I really like Darling but unfortunately they don't go up to my size. I wonder if I could squeeze into the skirt with the same print though (it's my top half that's bigger).

    I can't believe I chose clothes over shoes-what was I thinking? It's not like I need more flowery dresses! Roll on next pay day+ebay money!!

  3. Hi! Just got back from work and saw that my IC order was already dispatched! Pretty impressed by that lol so no stress anymore :)

    I wouldn't mind getting paid again right now either hehe...I have a "little" list of things I want and order them according to sold-out-danger. Problem is the list keeps getting longer but my paycheck is still the same lol...ah well. Hope you sell some stuff soon! What's your Ebay page btw?

  4. Wow, that is quick. It's kellybratz on ebay. I was trying to reduce my IC collection, but found it too hard to get rid of them, so it's mostly asos, matalan, new look etc.

  5. oh noooo don't get rid of your IC shoes, can totally understand it's too hard haha...BUT if you're ever going to part with your Prom Princess pair send me a message hehe got some serious shoe envy over those! :)


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