Saturday, 2 January 2010

Lime Crime Dreamy Lipstick

I first spotted this lipstick on Mod Cloth and was instantly drawn to the pretty, pastel packaging. I thought, if I were to have my own cosmetics brand, it would probably look a lot like this. Bright pink and sparkly unicorns, what more could you ask for? I didn't know anything about the brand Lime Crime or specifically the lipsticks, but imagined they would perhaps be of questionable quality. Something pretty to sit on your dressing table but not a lippie you'd reach for everyday. Although upon further investigation, I think I've been (happily) proven wrong.There are 10 lipsticks in the range and just look at them-absolutely delicious. Incredible colours and highly pigmented so the colour you see in the tube is the colour that applies to your mouth. Doe Deere, the model and makeup guru behind the brand wanted highly pigmented, creamy, opaque shades and judging by the (extremely helpful) images on the site of the lipstick on the lips, it's true. Dreamy! I don't know how I would decide which colour to wear, I'd love to play with them all and check their super colour-quality for myself! The brand isn't yet available in the UK, although I believe there are plans to launch here this year and there will also be new shades to the range.Check out the super cute website, I've already downloaded the desktop wallpaper and I love reading the funny stories behind each magical shade name. I love it when you find a kindred spirit!


  1. She just repackaged mica. I would recommend something like MAC, Stargazer or Barry M instead.
    She wants $12 for 1g where MAC want $19 for 7.5g of pigment


  2. also... Xenia is a total bitch.


  3. I had heard mumblings about this on the web, if it's true it's not a very good way to conduct a business : (

  4. I know this is an old post... but Xenia is a good friend of mine and I had to defend her!!!!! Her makeup is EXCELLENT quality and colours, they are not repackaged mica! You can tell for yourself. Clearly she is not repackaging the lipsticks either as they are not available by any other brand in such strong colours.

    Check out her blog, to see both sides of the story.

    She has been treated like shit by the internet community since day one for no reason at all. She is a sweet, friendly girl, and for some reason people just give her such a hard time.

    Plus she has increased the size of pigment in the eyeshadows to please complainers. She is just a girl in her 20s living in Brooklyn who started her own makeup company, she cannot compete with MAC's prices!!!!

    Anyway, the point is I love your blog and think you are adorable so it breaks my heart to see such cruel commentary from people who don't even know her!!


  5. Thanks for your comments Elena, I can understand you wanting to defend your friend. Personally I can't or won't weigh into the debate about Xenia or her business as I don't know her or her company personally. I would never judge a business/somebody on internet rumours alone-that's not fair and it's not the way I work. I would love to try her products and consider the results first hand, I still think the idea behind the lipsticks and the colours themselves absolutely rock! Thanks again for commenting.


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