Friday, 8 January 2010

Am I Next?

I've never bought clothes from Next. Ever. Most people I know who shop in Next are die-hard fans, those that queue up for the 6am (or was it earlier this year?) boxing day sale. 'Idiots', I've often thought! They swear by Next, own complete Next wardrobes, shop for their man/children/house in Next and never find any other shop that quite matches up (I don't think they are looking very hard). Personally, I find it boring, run of the mill and safe. That said, I would never discount ever buying anything from there, I would never do that with any shop. I've often passed through as it's a shortcut to the bus stop, but there's just nothing that catches my eye and makes me want to return. However that all changed today when I saw this fantastic vintage inspired jumpsuit from the SS10 collection. It's really gorgeous. After a quick browse on their site there was a lot of quite interesting items from the Miss N and Runway ranges (lots of nautical). Clearly meant to be more fashion forward than the rest of the collection and possibly aimed at a younger market, I'm quite impressed. I'm not saying they are completely unique, actually some of the stock drew similarities to the new Miss Selfridge stuff. I also find the pricing a little high, I'm sure you would buy a dress from Topshop for £40 but would you from Next? However, I do actually want to go and try a few things on now (that power shouldered dress has my name all over it). What do you think? Are you obsessed with Next or like me, do you rarely see anything you like?
From top
butterfly jumpsuit £38 sizes 6-18
power shoulder dress £38 6-16
boat print bow dress £38 6-20, also available in petite 6-16
spot 2 in 1 dress £40 6-16

images next and instyle

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