Thursday, 7 January 2010

Miss Selfridge Thigh High Boots Review

I was supposed to show you these images the other week, but I have a truckload of photos to edit and these got ignored until today. I've already shown a couple of pictures of these boots from Miss Selfridge on The Shoe Girl Diaries and promised a more thorough review here.
I've wanted some thigh high boots for a while but was worried how they would fit and look. I ordered both of these pairs online in the sale (£30 each). I believe they are both sold out online, so you will have to check your local store to see if they have any left. First up are these rather confused shoe/sandal/boots. They are much nicer in the flesh than the images I saw online (and are also available in an ankle boot). The leg is made from a velvet feeling fabric which has little stretch. The foot section has a lovely shaped 'Kirkwood' style platform and peep toe. The strapping with decorative buckles are attached to the leg part only by the inside zip, so the leg is kind of detached from the peep toe section at the front (still following?) The zip is not full length, so there is still some adjusting and pulling required to get the leg to fit correctly. I found these too tight in the foot, but ok-ish in the leg. They are definitely 'over the knee' boots rather than thigh high. Overall I really liked them, they are much classier than I expected and something a little different. This pair (above) are much more wearable. Made from very soft and stretchy moleskin type fabric, they have no zip opening as they are very easy to pull on. This has it's disadvantages though, it's very like wearing a long sock and I feel it would lose it's shape quickly. I definitely don't have skinny legs and these were quite big on me, so I can't imagine them fitting Miss Selfridge customers. Even walking around in them for 5 minutes, I felt the need to keep pulling them up as they slipped down. They are much longer than the previous pair (as you can see from the top image) and reached up to almost the very top of my thigh (very difficult to fit into a photo without revealing too much!). They are clearly not worn to be 'shown' and petite ladies, I'm afraid these would be far too long for you. A nice rounded shoe and slim platform and heel. Not as hard wearing as the first pair but easier to wear and would definitely fit curvier girls who may struggle with this trend otherwise
I sent back both pairs as I decided they weren't really for me and bought my dream pair of thigh high boots from River Island later anyway (pics to follow). The reason for me placing the order initially was for this cameo bow brooch to match the rest of my jewellery. I also got these cute hairbands, I sent back the black one (it just wasn't 'wow' enough) and I got the large blue satin bow one in pink too!

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