Friday, 8 January 2010

Is It Mine?

I've not been overly impressed with the Faith winter collection this year. The only style I've considered buying is the Linky strappy sandal available in purple suede or metallic pewter. The suede pair were reduced to £35 (was £80) but had sold out in my size. Then yesterday I got an email letting me know there were further reductions in the sale and also free delivery this weekend on the site. I headed over just to double check that they didn't have my size, but they did and they were now £30! I was multi-tasking at the time and went to checkout several minutes later only to find out someone had stolen the last pair from my basket! I had my heart set on them so googled to find who else stocked them. Debenhams also had them for £30 in a size 5, plus I managed to find a free delivery code (SDH1), so got them for the same price. Phew!

Later that night, I was browsing Topshop and managed to find a cute cameo, rosette headband which was half price (£4.50) and hadn't been on the site earlier in the day. So I searched for 'unicorn' as I've been regretting not buying a cute unicorn ring I saw the other month. To my astonishment they had both the pewter (£5) and gold/pink versions (£10), with only 1 of each left. Technically I'm not supposed to be buying anything just now, but I didn't want to let these slip away. I had told my sister 'if I ask to buy something, tell me 'no', don't let me persuade you'. However I had to retract that and beg her to let me get these. I went through the whole checkout process only to see 'we could not accept your order because an item in your basket is not in stock, your card has not been charged'. Aagh. It was the pink ring. I'm slightly disappointed, but glad I still managed to get the other one and the hairband plus it halved the total of my order, saving me money. I just have to hope they really do still have one of each left in stock for me!

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