Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Primark Haul & Office Boots

I went shopping on Monday in search of 2 floral dresses I saw in magazines. Seeing as they were very spring like, I didn't expect to find them in Primark yet, but luck was on my side. They were changing the shop layout (again) and had hardly any dresses, so I was thankful they had the ones I was looking for. I also got this spotty pale blue summer dress, sheer black dress with 3/4 sleeves, a pair of brown leggings (£3!!!), this green beret (£1!!!) and a random pink ring which had lost it's price ticket and was the only one (£2). Not a bad lot for £62. The (£15) bright floral dress is fully lined (even the sleeves) and is quite stiff so sticks out all pretty. If anything, it's a little big on me. I'm really tempted to wear this to my friends wedding this summer. I adore that print with all the vivid colours. The blue floral dress (£13) is quite tight across the chest, but gives a tiny waist and flirty skirt. I have this dress in 2 other colours/prints already, so knew it was a winner.
I also tried on black lace leggings (£5), but they were too big, quite baggy and very long and just generally didn't sit right. I saw beautiful studded, peep toes (£19) in cream 'leather' or black 'suede' and honestly the shape was almost identical to Christian Louboutin shoes. The material didn't look cheap (even on the cream pair) and the peep toe, the size of the concealed platform, everything other than the red sole was Louboutin style. However the 5 were just too tight and the 6 were huge. I felt like my foot was going in a different direction to the shape of the shoe and you could see toe cleavage on my little toes but not the others and it looked stupid. I was quite disappointed because they looked so luxurious and not tacky like some of the awful plastic crap they had. I really wanted to check out their tights and thankfully they had the sheer polka dot pair (£2) I've been searching for. I bought a pair in Matalan months ago, but they are far too small. I also got these super, slinky floral ones (£4), some dark green and blue opaques (£1 each) and some stirrup tights (they sit half-way down your foot).
I also popped into Office because it wasn't busy and had a quick look at the sale stuff. I saw the bright pink, high heeled doc-martin style boots I'd seen online (£25), in my size, so bought them. They look tiny and my feet are doing that annoying thing when your toes curl under your foot when you slip your foot in (do you know what I mean?). I don't think they are too small though, I'll just try them with tights and hopefully that should stop it.

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