Thursday, 7 January 2010

My Dream Boots

Ok, so they aren't quite Louis Vuitton, but I'm a girl on a budget and so I've forsaken the glorious shaped heel for this version from River Island for the fabulous price of £50 (reduced from £120). They are super decadent, my Dad thought I'd bought wallpaper when I started to pull them out of the box (thanks Daddy!). The platform is that boxy YSL style and the sole is metallic gold. Thanks to the generous elasticated section, side split and full length centre back zip, they actually fit (the slightly larger than average) me. RI aren't that great with their online product images and descriptions so there was some worry before they arrived! They are a bit of a struggle to get on, you really need 2 pairs of hands to pull the zip up, stretch the elastic and hold the two zip edges together, keeping your thigh from being pinched in the process. They also require a little practise walking and sitting in them. I feel a little like I have two peg legs that don't bend, but I suppose you have to sacrifice bending for having amazing legs!

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