Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Fairy Lights and Unicorns

I've been tidying my room and come across all kinds of things I'd forgotten I had. My sister bought me these lovely fairy lights a couple of years ago and they were still in their box. I persuaded Dad to help me put them up and I now have the most magical, pretty looking bed, fit for a Princess! I now love sitting surrounded by fairies, lit up with my pink net canopy and my vintage Sindy wallpaper.
I was pleased to discover my Neopet unicorn still works. It's so cute, it's wings flap, it lights up and makes lots of cutesy noises. I've named her Phyllis! I made a video for you, but again I'm having trouble uploading it to blogger. Phyllis is accompanied by Misty Mae possibly the softest, fluffiest handbag ever, also pictured are some sparkly fairy wings (I had no idea I even had these and yes, even pushing 30 I tried them on and pranced around like a giant fairy)!

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