Thursday, 21 January 2010

Dannii Looks Amazing

I was bored last night with nothing to do, so watched some of The National Television Awards. Bad, I know! For anyone outwith the UK, it's basically as tacky as you can get. A bunch of tanned, hair extension, wannabes flashing way too much flesh, so I definitely wasn't watching it for fashion purposes. I also don't watch any UK soaps (which dominate these awards), so it was definitely out of boredom that I tuned in. However, The X Factor won an award and I was screaming with delight at Dannii Minogue and her fabulous outfit. I know she isn't exactly sporting a bump yet, but this could possibly be the most amazing maternity dress I've ever seen! It was strapless, black and ivory striped and had this bustle detail which lifted the back skirt of the dress to reveal a huge, black net underskirt. She teamed it with asymmetric, red, patent shoes which perfectly complimented. I thought she absolutely nailed the fashion battle with Cheryl last year and she certainly triumphed again last night, just beautiful.
Someone who is looking terrible though is Heidi from the (now awful) Sugababes. What is going on, over-tanned and the hair? She looks 20 years older in this pic, eeek.

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