Thursday, 31 December 2009

Update on my Sale Buys

Dayum! My Ashish Topshop wedges just arrived and there is no way I'm getting my foot in there. Why did nobody tell me they are small? The zip opening placement doesn't actually aid in getting the shoes on, it just opens without widening the space to get your foot in. I had the same issue with the Emma Cook ruffle shoes, perhaps Topshop designers shoes are smaller made? Or maybe I just don't have a scrawny enough foot! Anyway, I'm beyond disappointed...I could spew. The Chris Kane bag I also ordered is gorge though, yay!

My Limited Edition New Look pair came today as well and the middle strap is fully elasticated (sorry no pics, camera battery died today), which if it hadn't been, my foot wouldn't have ever gotten in. I think after a few hours though the blood circulation may stop in my foot, but they are gorgeous, really bright and fun.

River Island boots are still on their way, but I've a horrible feeling they aren't even going to look at me! *UPDATE: My thigh high RI boots arrived later this afternoon and are absolutely adorable. They have a full length centre-back zip, side split and very generous elasticated section, so I actually fit them! So happy!* Kurt Geiger delivered my gorgeous Airtight shoes yesterday, they actually look really expensive which I'm pleased about. They are not for the faint-hearted though. I'm a seasoned high heel walker, but these? My goodness they are huge. A 5 1/2" heel, big platform and hardly any sole to balance on. They are slippy as hell too, so I envisage a broken ankle or neck, whichever hits the ground first!

Finally, because I don't like to write posts without pictures, here are my Kill Doll ankle boots that I ordered from Office just before Christmas. Love the sole, the box, everything. They even come with a free little soft toy keyring which my sister stole out the box the minute I opened it. I'm sure that should cover interest from the money she keeps lending me! Have a good New Year everyone!


  1. Love the boots! I've never seen anything like them x

  2. They are so punky and kitsch, I love the coloured diamantes on the lips and eye, so cool. Thanks for commenting : )


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