Wednesday, 9 December 2009

MAC Baroque Boudoir Lip Swatches

I've been trying (unsuccessfully) to upload a video I made for this blog yesterday. I'll try again tomorrow, because I'm losing patience and it keeps coming up 'error' on blogger. In the meantime, I was really happy to get my Baroque Boudoir purchases from MAC yesterday. They are absolutely gorgeous and sold out online now (that was quick!), so you'll have to head to your nearest counter if you want them. It's the usual couture line from MAC which is available in special packaging at this time of year and costs more than the regular line. I was surprised to add only 3 items to my basket and realise that I'd qualified for free delivery (spend over £50). Ridiculous I know, but I'm so chuffed with them and the packaging is really cute this year. (Click images to enlarge and do not steal)Treasured lipstick (£17.50) is a brownish nude (yep, I have hundreds-but it's really pretty). The subtle shimmer really showed up in the product photos I took, but remember this is magnified. When swatched you don't notice it. I thought this lipstick showed up more tan in the images than real life.Prive (£17.50) is a gorgeous pale pink, both lipsticks are very muted, subtle shades (don't know if this came across in the bad winter lighting of my images) and look really pretty without trying too hard. I tried this one out yesterday on my lips and mostly pale pink lips make me look weird, but this looked fabulous, a matte, creamy looking pink that erased my natural lip colour without looking too pale and washed out. I want to wear this every day!The Lap Of Luxury Lip Gloss (£16.50) is a very pale nude with a brightish pink flash and glitter. Very sheer and doesn't seem as sticky as the usual lipglass, will look utterly amazing over either of these lipsticks.

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