Thursday, 17 December 2009

Soap & Glory Big Thrill, Big Discount

I'm pretty gutted about what I'm about to tell you. The fantabulous Soap & Glory Big Thrill hatbox (featuring 11 of the best selling S&G products) is currently £50 at Boots, come tomorrow (Friday 18th) it'll be reduced to an unbelievably bargainious £20!!! The reason I'm not pleased is because I don't think my local store even carry this, so I'm unlikely to get it. I would urge you all to scoop it up as fast as you can though. I've bought several sets from this years gift line (reviews to come later) and have been over the moon with them. You've been warned, now get those elbows ready!
*Because I'm sad and have absolutely no life, I decided to go online at midnight to check if updated with the price change. The site was being 'refreshed' with their new offers, so I continued to refresh the page for over an hour (even falling asleep, sitting up...twice!), but with no success. My sister woke me at a ridiculous hour this morning to say she had eventually managed to get the £20 hat box into my basket, I just had to checkout (easier said than done). It took me over 2 hours to complete checkout. I even managed to complete the whole transaction, putting in all my card details and then the order confirmation page 'could not be displayed', so I had to go through the whole process again. The site is still mostly showing an error page so you'll be lucky if you manage to buy anything from Boots today, just thought I'd keep you updated*

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