Monday, 7 December 2009

Jimmy Choo for H&M

If you haven't heard about the hottest collaboration since Karl 'no clothes above a size 14' Lagerfeld hooked up with H&M, then where have you been? I'm not going into too much detail about the actual pieces in the Jimmy Choo for H&M range seeing as there is already oodles of images on almost every fashion blog. Personally I'm disappointed for a couple of reasons with this range.

Firstly, of course I want to say "I own a pair of Jimmy Choos" ignoring the "from H&M" part naturally! However if I'm truly honest, the shoes, sandals and boots in this range aren't total, covetable pieces for me. There's nothing that stands out as an absolute 'must-have it or I'm gonna die' thing. I'm sure Matalan even have similar styles and lets be honest the quality isn't going to be the usual Jimmy Choo is it? However that said, for the price and Choo-factor I probably would want a pair. Which leads me onto my second point.
I live near a pretty decent sized H&M. In fact, they have 2 stores in the same city. However when it comes to footwear these stores never receive the cool shoes I've spotted in magazines. Much to my annoyance, as I'm still drooling over Style of a Fashionista wearing her gorgeous thigh high boots from H&M that I can't buy. My local seems to be the store that time forgot when it comes to shoes. All we get is ballerina flats, flip-flops and some odd, chunky looking 80's (not in a good way) courts. So for that reason, I have never allowed myself to get too excited about the JC collection being sold near me. As it turns out, Glasgow is the only place in Scotland selling the collection (in a new store opening on Buchanen Street tomorrow). Isn't that ridiculous? There are countless places in London but one for our whole country!
Of course there is absolutely no chance that I would be able to get to Glasgow in time for opening, so there goes the Choo dream! I'm not even going to torture myself by trawling ebay after the event, as I can already guess the ludicrous prices they'll fetch! If I were you though, I would skip the shoes and go for this gorgeous pink clutch. I can't even begin to name all the celebs that have walked the red carpet over the years with the gold, jewelled, Jimmy clutch. It's probably the hottest red-carpet bag ever and I'm sure it will continue to be. So pick up this ever-so-cute pink version ad I'll be green with envy.(Jimmy Choo for H&M includes clothing, accessories, mens, bags and footwear and is available from 14th November. See the H&M website for details as there are only selected styles available at the participating stores)

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