Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Primark Fringed Boots

Mum has almost become as much of a recluse as myself during this bad weather, but she decided to take a trip to the sales this week with my Dad. She asked if I needed anything and I had just spotted the Primark fringed, knee-high, Louboutin-a-like boots in a magazine, so asked her to look out for them. Now I've spoken before about how awful the footwear department is in my nearest Primark. How long did it take me to get those Gucci style studded sandals? An eternity. These boots however have supposedly been instore for a good few months, so you would suspect (hope) they had maybe landed near me by now! I was in luck, they actually had them...note my surprise as I really expected they wouldn't!

The only prob was they didn't have my size, but Mum thought they had a stubby shaped toe and the size up would probably fit better in the leg as well. They just zip up and no more, the foot length doesn't seem too big either, so pretty perfect! My only issue is that horrible 'cheap shoe' smell they have, they really stink. So I'm spritzing a (no longer fragrant) handbag shaped clothes hanger thingy with YSL Elle perfume and dangling that inside!

I had also been checking out a similar style boot from Dune which is reduced to £105, I think the Louboutin version were around £900 and Primark? £24.47 to be exact, fabioso! I feel like a big, shaggy animal in them, they have so much fringing and movement! I saw on another blog that they are apparently available in a reddish pink shade, but I'm not sure if that would be overkill!

I apologize for the crappy photo, I've come to the conclusion that black suede is the hardest thing to photograph.

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