Monday, 7 December 2009

MAC Young Thing Lipglass

Over my hiatus, I've had plenty of time to swatch and photograph my purchases. However, I'm trying really hard to be more selective with my MAC buys. As you know, every month, I order lots of things from the new collections and even I admit, I have way too much stuff to get through now. I ordered She-Zam Dazzleglass (gorgeous, definite 'must-have' btw), but decided against Phiff (beautiful in the tube, but seriously lacking colour) from the Holiday Collections. I'm going to try and not buy anything else from the oodles of new stuff. A lot is repromotes or items I probably could dupe or wouldn't use. With that said, the next couple of posts are the very few items I have treated myself to lately. I hope you'll still find this relevant, even although the collections are a month or two old. MAC Young Thing Lipglass from Makeup Art Cosmetics by Richard Phillips

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