Friday, 11 December 2009

A Stylish Christmas

Still not having any luck with uploading that video. It's uploaded to my computer, it just won't load into the post, oh well! Our house is looking extremely festive today, all the decorations and the tree are up. Christmas is always a big occasion for us, my Dad and sisters are like little kids every year! We love it! Here's some of the festivities, including my uber sexy, lady tree which sits in my bedroom window. It's not hard to guess the decorations on the family tree that belong to me, there's lots of glittery shoes, little xmas dresses an even a mini version of my lady tree!
The fabulous stylish mama with leopard print wrapped presents and shoes and gloves dangling from the branches. She even wears Christmas bauble earrings, and has a glittery red lipstick in her hand.
Santa at the front door
Jangly bell wreath
My Mum made these door hangings
My sister made this with wool
This opens up to play music and the lights go on and the skaters move, so cute!
This is an advent calendar my Mum has every year, you get to open all sorts of windows and doors (some of the images behind are quite scary!), the chimney lifts to play carols.
An advent candle and Christmas jigsaw
My Dad has all these little ceramic houses and figures, he gets a new one every year at the German Christmas markets in Edinburgh (we're running out of room for them now though)

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