Monday, 7 December 2009

Lancome Color Fever Gloss Swatches

If you followed my original Pink Haired Princess blog, then you would know I have a huge weakness for Lancome and in particular their Color Fever lip products. Unfortunately my extensive swatches and descriptions of the glosses and lipsticks are 'lost' along with my blog. Last week though, I took advantage of the fabulous Christmas bonus points day at and ordered a couple of Lancome items (which also happened to be on a 'buy 2 items, get 600 free points' deal).
I recently swatched the gold lipgloss from the summer 'Declaring Indigo' collection and instantly fell in love! I don't usually find lip products in gold or yellow flattering, but this had such a lovely sheen and I could tell that with a nude lipliner or lipstick underneath it would look sensational. So I decided this was the perfect opportunity to order it along with the new gloss from the Christmas Colour Collection-even although I have never tried or seen it in real life. I took a gamble and it definitely paid off, both glosses, I'm sure you'll agree, are stunning.
026 Pure Gold (Declaring Indigo Collection) is as the name suggests gold. However Color Fever glosses can be sheer and this one although it deposits a gold colour, it is subtle. No tacky, space-age lips here! I can see this being very versatile and I'm sure I'll use it time and time again over my nude lipsticks.
268 Glossy Plum (Christmas Colour Collection), if you check the lancome website, the colour of the image of the tube (rather than the swatch) is spot-on. I perceive plum to be purpley in the cosmetic world, however this is a maroon with no purple at all. The absolutely stunning part is the magnificent golden pearl throughout, gorgeous. I kept twisting the tube in the light and gasping at how pretty it is! Again it's got that sheer quality which means it isn't a scary berry lip shade. Although, I did feel that both these glosses felt slightly thicker and less sheer than the usual CF's. Definitely my winter lip colour of the season and I'm sure from my vast collection, with use, it will become my favourite CF gloss! Lancome Color Fever Gloss £15.50 from Boots (certain shades seem to be cheaper than the usual £17 at Boots, so stock up!). Click images to enlarge and do not steal pictures, thank you.

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