Thursday, 10 December 2009


Had a big scare today to find out someone had been using my card fraudulently through the night. I was alerted via an email and phoned up to find out someone had made several purchases including over £1000 worth of electrical goods. Very scary that they managed to know all my card details including the 3 digit code and secure bank password. If they ever found who did it, I'd probably kill them with my bare hands I'm so mad! Thankfully, I don't have much money to steal-so all they've managed to do is terrify me and cause me the bother of having to get a new card. I've since changed all my passwords and feel the Alzheimer's coming on already, there is no way I'll remember them all!Anyway, Daddy dearest went to the computer shop today and they gave him the old hard drive, hallelujah!! I'm still finding my way around, but saw these fotd images from a few weeks ago, that I haven't shown you yet. I love wearing my hair curly just now, I wish it was like this everyday without me having to curl it! FYI, I just pin curl it overnight. Almost makes me want to enquire about the 'P' word, although I haven't had a perm since the early 90's!I wanted to wear a dark lip and received this lovely GWP Lancome Color Fever Shine lipstick (I'll have to check the shade name), which was perfect. I kept the rest simple with a flick of my favourite L'Oreal Superliner. Sorry some of the images are quite grainy; when I resize them it affects the quality.

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