Monday, 7 December 2009

Office Sale Goodies

I just have time to show you my fab new shoes. I allowed myself a couple of pairs from the Office sale. That website is a danger though as they have tonnes of beautiful styles, I would like one of everything!First up are 'Sight For Sore Eyes' an amazing £15 down from £85. They have a real 70's vibe with mock wooden platform sole and an astonishing 5 3/4" heel! Also available in brown.
'Last of The Giants' are definitely YSL inspired! I really wanted the leopard print version, but they were £10 more and I thought this croc pair would probably be more versatile. They are described as brown, but I would say they are more mink. I cannot believe the heel on these. My Mum went crazy when she saw them, visualising me breaking both my legs. However they are surprisingly stable and easy to walk in ('safer' than the previous pair). I even said "I could totally run in these" at which point my Mum wrestled them off my feet! I absolutely adore them. £30 reduced from £75 (available in leopard £40 and plain black (£50).
Check out that heel! I still have my eye on the brown Majorie 'Vivienne Westwood' style boots reduced from £95 to £30.

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