Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Topshop Priscilla Gone Wrong

I've been lusting after these Priscilla sandals by Topshop Boutique for months. I saw them in a magazine and instantly fell in love. Every day all through summer and autumn I've been checking the site, hoping they would be available, with no luck until last week. Topshop finally released them and thankfully Santa decided to buy them for my Christmas! I was overjoyed. That was until I opened the box. The metallic uppers are made up of small diamond shapes, like scales. In most parts these are firmly stuck down, however there were areas where the diamonds were coming away and by lightly rubbing your finger across the top of this rough area, they just fell off. As you can see from the images below, there were several other defects. A cut next to the heel, some glue and tissue stuck on the heel, marks to the 'winged' section (although this didn't come out well in photos) and to be honest I can't believe someone would send these out and expect the customer to be satisfied. They are definitely not worth paying £120 for.
I emailed Topshop and was further annoyed by the reply, which stated "I am sorry that your item is faulty. Although it is difficult to comment on it without seeing it, your local store (within the UK only) will be happy to refund you provided they identify a manufacturing fault." Granted, I hadn't been able to email these photos (as this new computer and my camera aren't getting along well) and this would've helped illustrate my problem, but I did describe the faults in detail. The fact that it was made out that I would have to 'convince' the assistant that the shoes were faulty and only then get a refund is ridiculous. Topshop happily refund any item provided you return it within 14 days, so I don't know why I was expected to plead my case and also go the hassle of returning to my local store (hint: it's not that local (or good) hence the reason I buy online). So I returned the goods using the freepost label and received my refund this week, problem solved. It so disappointing though as I had my heart set on wearing golden angel wings on my feet and because I haven't/can't see them instore I don't know if I got a dodgy pair or if they are all like this.
Click images to enlarge and feel my pain!

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