Monday, 7 December 2009

New Season Studio TMLS

I have a fantasy list of items I'd love to own, but most probably can't afford. On that list are black Margherita platforms from Studio TMLS. I've been lusting after them for months, but at the end of every month I never find enough money to purchase them. I've since become slightly obsessed with the brand in general. In my opinion the A/W '10 range has surpassed all other seasons. Delightful textures including, luscious velvet, rich wool and suede with jewel and fur embellishments adorn their signature towering heels and platforms. It was hard to pick just a few styles to show you, so I suggest you pop over to the site to browse yourself (click these pics to supersize). For those scared of high heels, there are flats starting at £100, while heels start at £120 and boots range from £150-£350. Not too bad when you consider the craftsmanship is similar to high-end designs. The styles are modern-classic that won't age quickly, so definitely worth the investment. I'm still hopeful of one day owning the Margherita heels and hopefully something from this season too!from top; Anastasia (Prugna) £150 (heel height 116mm/platform height 23mm), Audrey (Grigio) £120 (117mm/28mm), Butterfly (Viola) £150 (117mm/28mm), Iris Noveau (Grey) £200 (116mm/23mm), New Carly (Airforce) £200 (116mm/23mm) and Renaissance (Dark Pine) £160 (136mm/29mm).

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