Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Who's That Girl?

My Mum was raving about a stunning coat that a woman was wearing whilst out shopping in Dundee recently. She didn't want to appear too 'stalkerish' and ask where she got it-but she thought I'd love it. Mum definitely got more than a good look though because she described in great detail the amazing-ness of the garment. 'You would love it...it's so you, damn I should've asked her where she got it from...', however the minute she started describing it 'sparkly buttons...blah, blah', I knew the exact coat. It's by Desigual and available from Shrinking Violet (one of my fave quirky clothing stores).
The unique (and all different) buttons and blue-haired woman across the back are what really attracted my Mum to the coat (she knows me well), it's absolutely beautiful and apparently even more gorgeous in the flesh. This particular style is called Queenie and costs £175, unfortunately it's only available in sizes 10 and 12, so wouldn't fit me-which is a huge disappointment. I think I'll do a seperate post on the stunning dresses from Shrinking Violet too (I don't know why I haven't posted them before), I love clothes that feature kitsch prints.

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