Saturday, 6 August 2011

Shoe Shopping Made Easy

Whilst browsing for Irregular Choice shoes a good few months ago, I found this footwear shop, Spartoo, apparently 'Europe's No.1 Online Shoe Store' don't cha know! They have a small selection from the brand and ever since then I've 'stopped by' every week to see what's new on the site. They have a real varied selection of brands actually; mixing boutique, designer and high street. You have the likes of Iron Fist, Clarks, Zandra Rhodes, Melissa, Nine West, Pura Lopez and Miss Sixty as well as bags from Hello Kitty by Victoria Couture, Kipling, Fiorelli and Calvin Klein.
Now I haven't placed an order with them as yet, so can't personally vouch for their efficiency or customer service but they do offer free delivery on all orders and free returns or exchanges (do you know how rare it is to find an online retailer willing to exchange these days?).
Each item has detailed images from every angle as well as a rotating feature, which I geekily find very useful. There's info on the brand, materials of the shoe and heel height, which again is pretty helpful.
I'm always looking for 'shopping made easy' and thankfully you can hover over each shoe for an enlarged image and also the sizes it's available in, without having to click on it then click back (this drives me nuts on other sites, especially if it loses your place in a long list of items).
I also like the 'size alert' system which emails you when your size is back in stock. I've already signed up to be notified for these lovely nude Melissa courts.
I just thought this may interest you, if you didn't already know about it. I know many of you are always on the lookout for new stockists of Irregular Choice. Have you bought anything from Spartoo yourself?

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