Saturday, 20 August 2011

My Recent Hairstory Part 2

You can read Part 1 of my Recent Hairstory here and if you'd like to use any images from these posts on another site, please credit and link back to Pink Haired Princess, thank you.

So after brunette, I was hankering for the brightness of my beloved Atomic Pink and knew it would only be a matter of time before I went back to it. People were very complimentary of the brown, but it just didn't feel like me. Seeing as the original pink still hadn't left my hair, it felt like it was meant to be, so off we went with the bleach and Special Effects Atomic Pink again. I actually recall using a jar of Manic Panic toner this time round (hoping to dilute the colour slightly), with no effect to the outcome at all! AP is just so strong!!
Something went a little funny with the exposure on this photo, but it shows just how bright the pink can be.
I had a wedding coming up that summer, so was a little hesitant to completely play around with the colours at this stage-I wanted to use something where I knew it would turn out perfect. My hair had been getting a little longer, so I think I had it cut quite short again. The wedding photo (below) was taken at around 3am and I'd done my hair and makeup at 10am the morning before, so I was rather dishevelled by this point!
By this point, I'd already been thinking about other possible colour combos. I knew pale pink was out, but what about lilac? I left the ends bright pink (didn't re-colour them at all) and used Manic Panic Mystic Heather on top. When using two colours like this, always use the stronger colour on the lower half, so it doesn't run into the lighter shade when washing. I loved the colour both in the jar and on my hair, but unfortunately it went much the same as the pale pink. I also liked the pink streaks throughout and different shades of lilac and violet, but after a few weeks the pink had completely shone through and the lilac disappeared. Unfortunately I don't have many photos from this phase.
At the same time that I bought the lilac dye, I'd bought Atomic Turquoise, also by Manic Panic. I had been afraid to use it, purely because it was such a departure from the pinks and purples I'd been used to. If the pink had been the main colour with aqua ends, I wouldn't have been so concerned, but I really didn't think I'd suit that much turquoise around my face. I used exactly the same technique, bleaching the top of my head (the area I wanted turquoise) and leaving the ends uncoloured (pink). The pale pink areas in between the bleach and pink turned purple, which was unexpected but I loved it. So now I had almost rainbow hair rather than just two colours.
The aqua tends to start off a blue-turquoise, then over time goes more green-turquoise until it fades to pale green. The purple areas after a few weeks turn very pale ashy lilac. I love AT freshly coloured, it has such a wonderful shine and looks metallic, it's just gorgeous. You can see the varying colours from different stages of the dye and different lighting, there's quite a contrast.
My hair was getting really long again and although I've mostly kept my fringe super short throughout, I felt like a change again. So a few weeks ago, I got a haircut and seeing as the ends were mainly pink, it left me with a bit of a dilemma as I wasn't keen on being fully turquoise, but there really wasn't much pink left. There is still some at the back mostly but it's faded significantly (not surprising considering it hasn't been touched in over a year), so I decided to cover the whole lot in turquoise, thus giving me purple ends (because I truly love the purple colour it produces). When my hair has just been curled it kinda sits in a little curly bubble on my head and I love it like that! The purple doesn't photograph all that well in these images, it's much more vivid in real life, as is the turquoise; as I said earlier it can be so blue at the start (think the colour of mouthwash)! So this is me for now...not sure which is my favourite or which direction I'm going to go next. I'm fairly happy with the way the turquoise lasts, it's nowhere near as potent as the pink, but I don't mind the colour fade.


  1. My god I love your hair!
    seriously, epic!

    I wonder if you could do a tutorial on how you do more than one colour at once??

    I experiment with mine all the time (I'm currently lilac) but have never been as successful as you at doing multiple colours!

    Great Post :)


  2. Wow! I DO love the turquoise!!!

  3. aww love your hair! and you're so good with make-up and all that. I usually rush out without doing my hair or make-up, what a mess!:D

  4. Ah, thank you ladies. Milly-I may well try out a wee tutorial-thanks for asking.

  5. Your hair makes me miss the fair. Sugary sweet cotton candy Mmmm yum <3

  6. hi! I discovered your blog and I am very surprise. You are very beautiful. Your face looks like porcelain. I really like.


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